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The electronic health record was designed to make the patient visit related paperwork easier for a health care provider. Instead, for many, it can be difficult, time consuming and taking valuable attention away from your patients. Fortunately, for chiropractors there is a solution.

ClinicDr is a web based electronic health record that takes the headache out of the sometimes tedious process of managing patient record. ClinicDr is a software tool designed by chiropractors for chiropractic practices to address the desire to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork.

Electronic Health Records For Chiropractors In Minnesota

There are many benefits of using ClinicDr to manage patient records in your chiropractic office. First, ClinicDr can be accessed from any internet enabled device. It can operate using Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox and comes with templates for exam and treatment notes to streamline the process and make your job easier. ClinicDr also provides your team with compliance warnings that can help you input correct information that can be seamlessly connected to your billing process.

The ClinicDr electronic health record template allows you to copy basic information from one treatment note to another to eliminate the need to enter duplicate information at each visit. ClinicDr combines the EHr and Billing Software and Service together. You will not need any new equipment and will not be asked to pay for upgrades or find any hidden costs. ClinicDr will positively impact your bottom line immediately.

EHr And Billing Software In One

In addition to reducing the amount of time you spend updating a patient’s health record at each visit, ClinicDr will seamlessly link your EHr and billing to create an efficient online system that is efficient for your chiropractic practice. You will reduce billing errors and increase your clinic’s profit margin with this software. In fact, if a billing error is made, you will be notified immediately, not weeks later when the insurance company rejects your claim. ClinicDr can manage the following billing procedures:

● Creating Claims
● Clearinghouse submissions
● Paper claims printing and mailing
● Claim tracking
● Denial management
● Insurance verification
● Enrollment for claim submission
● Resubmissions
● EOB entry and patient responsibility management

For more information about how the ClinicDr software can help your chiropractic clinic or to view a demo, call our team today. ClinicDr can be up and running in your practice in a matter of hours!

We offer you 30 days free trial – www.clinicdr.com

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