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Best Chiropractic Cloud Software 4 Major Problems Solved by ClinicDr

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Trouble Getting Paid?Solved

  • Maximize clinic revenue
  • Eliminate collection problems
  • Stop ballooning accounts receivable
  • Scrub claims for errors automatically
  • Proactively control your billing services
ClinicDr Provider WebApp for Laptop/Desktop
ClinicDr Provider WebApp for Tablet

Slow Notes & Claims CreationSolved

  • Customized templates made for your needs
  • Patients receive your focus, not documentation
  • Over 50 travel cards and templates to chose from
  • Compliant treatment notes and claims in 10 seconds
  • DC & Integrated provider templates (PT, NP, PA, DO and MD)

Complex & Inefficient SoftwareSolved

  • Free software backup and updates
  • Simple, flexible and easy to learn and use
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • Cloud based and connected to patients and others
  • On your favorite device, smartphone, tablet & computer
  • No need to buy any additional clinic hardware or software
ClinicDr Provider App
ClinicDr Patient App

Patient Marketing Solved

  • Market patients and your community (CRM)
  • Deploy testimonials rapidly to website and social media
  • Make it simple and easy for patients to provide testimonials & pics

Patient Communication Solved

  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Internal text, chat or email patients and community leads
  • Allow patient self-check-in and subjective documentation
  • Allow patients to request an appointment and retrieve records
  • Allow patients to check their account balance & pay on their bill
  • Send clinic intake forms & questionnaires to patients automatically
  • Set goals and track health metrics through the patient’s smart phones

Cloud-Based Chiropractic Software 2019It Works!

Brian Dugger

Brian Dugger

Texas Chiro Health

As a past president to one chiropractic management company and one chiropractic franchise I have spent my career assisting hundreds upon hundreds of Chiropractors to create their practices into businesses that serves their patients at the highest levels...

Coleen Carberry PT

Coleen Carberry PT

Owner of Advanced Medical Integration

I would highly recommend ClinicDr for your EMR needs.

They have done a great job adding the AMI integration templates to the ClinicDr cloud software system.

Todd Crabtree is very knowledgeable and great to work with!
Aaron Oxenrider review

Aaron Oxenrider DC

Owner of Access to Integration

We have all of our Medical Doctors and Nurse Practitioners on ClinicDr's cloud practice management platform.

We highly recommend them to all our chiropractic clinics.

Great friends too!

3 Simple Steps Solve your problems by using the best Chiropractic Software in 2019

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Since our Chiropractic Software is Cloud Based,our solutions work on every major OS, Browser and Mobile device

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  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
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  • Opera
  • Apple
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Helping chiropractors face changes in the constantly changing environment of healthcare billing and communications with their patients.



Review Overview
Overall Score
Cloud Based Software

In 2018 it was time for me to make a software choice for my personal Chiropractic business in Dallas Texas and I reviewed well over 15 Chiropractic software companies in detail (spreadsheets, analysis and demonstrations) to truly understand our best choice going forward.

After reviewing all the add-ons, details and offers made by so many companies the one thing I really based my decision upon was the leadership of the company.

I wanted to meet with the owners and see their passion for the future of helping chiropractors face changes in the constantly changing environment of healthcare billing and communications with their patients.

I can say today that I truly believe in ClinicDr and the team behind it’s future.

I have met with them, collaborated with them and even beta tested for them.

They are constantly creating a positive change in how we serve our patients while not constantly adding new fees for their improvements.

Relationships are built upon trust and if you are not feeling that trust where you are then I recommend you call ClinicDr and create a better future for you and your business, we did!