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Simply Powerful

Be in the moment with your patient.

  • Access all the features you want, when you want them.
  • See today’s patient flow on every page.
  • Move from task to task intuitively.
  • Eliminate training with one click customer service.

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Easy Documentation

  • Create treatment notes and claims in 10 seconds.
  • From wellness patients to integrated patients, you will have all the treatment templates you need to succeed.
  • Use our pro templates or customize your own.

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Online New Patient Forms & Scheduling

  • Set up your website to do online scheduling & new patient forms in minutes.
  • Eliminate treatment and documentation barriers with a simple code we provide.
  • Use our professional new patient forms or customize your own.

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Marketing Made Easy 

  • Patient & Community marketing is a click away.
  • So easy, your team hardly realize they are marketing.
  • Request 5 star reviews in 2 clicks.

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Automatic Appointment Reminders

  • Set your clinic’s appointment reminders one time.
  • Customize any patient’s reminders.
  • Two-way texting is a snap. 

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Brian Dugger

Brian Dugger

Texas Chiro Health

As a past president to one chiropractic management company and one chiropractic franchise I have spent my career assisting hundreds upon hundreds of Chiropractors to create their practices into businesses that serves their patients at the highest levels...

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Coleen Carberry PT

Owner of Advanced Medical Integration

I would highly recommend ClinicDr for your EMR needs.

They have done a great job adding the AMI integration templates to the ClinicDr cloud software system.

Todd Crabtree is very knowledgeable and great to work with!

Since our Chiropractic Software is Cloud Based,our solutions work on every major OS, Browser and Mobile device

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In 2018 it was time for me to make a software choice for my personal Chiropractic business in Dallas Texas and I reviewed well over 15 Chiropractic software companies in detail (spreadsheets, analysis and demonstrations) to truly understand our best choice going forward.

After reviewing all the add-ons, details and offers made by so many companies the one thing I really based my decision upon was the leadership of the company.

I wanted to meet with the owners and see their passion for the future of helping chiropractors face changes in the constantly changing environment of healthcare billing and communications with their patients.

I can say today that I truly believe in ClinicDr and the team behind it’s future.

I have met with them, collaborated with them and even beta tested for them.

They are constantly creating a positive change in how we serve our patients while not constantly adding new fees for their improvements.

Relationships are built upon trust and if you are not feeling that trust where you are then I recommend you call ClinicDr and create a better future for you and your business, we did!