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Clinic Doctor EHr offers you a cloud-based EHr that compliantly creates your SOAPs and claims in less than 10 seconds.

Billing Software and Services

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Clinic Doctor Billing provides easy to use cloud-based outsourced billing services and software.

Cloud-Based Solutions


The Clinic Doctor‘s cloud-based system gives you personal expert assistance that pays for itself.

Electronic Health Records

Designed for Chiropractors by Chiropractors, Clinic Doctor’s web based EHr takes the headache out of managing your patient records. With access from any internet enabled device, Clinic Doctor eliminates cumbersome paperwork, keeps you in compliance and gives you the flexibility to spend more time with your patients and less time doing clerical work.

Billing Software & Service

Clinic Doctor combines your EHr and Billing Service needs into one easy to use platform. Clinic Doctor solves ongoing industry disruptions like ICD 10, behind the scenes, at no time and expense to you. Clinic Doctor’s experts keep you in compliance and reduce rejected claims to make sure you are paid faster. Clinic Doctor’s simple, intuitive interface takes you from treatment to billing claim in 10 seconds.

What our clients think…

I have used four different records and billing systems since beginning practice in 1998, and Clinic Doctor is the best. All of our accounts are accurate, and the data is easy to retrieve and interpret. Claims are easy to generate. The integrated SOAP notes are wonderful. The system is designed to keep your clinic 100% compliant. In addition, the service which Clinic Doctor provides for tracking claims and getting them paid is great. Our A/R is routinely assessed for problem cases, and steps are taken to fix them. Clinic Doctor is not just a billing service, but is a partner in our management.

Dr. David, OR

ClinicDr was an excellent choice for my small, start-up practice. I had a fully trained, knowledgeable billing staff at my disposal from day one and was able to submit claims and get paid before I even had my signage hung. And now, two years later, they are still working tirelessly behind the scenes freeing up my time to be a doctor, not an insurance specialist

Dr. Amanda, MN

I have been in practice for about 6 years and have dealt with in-house billing and other billing companies. For the first 3 years, of practice, I was losing income due to improper billing procedures from both in-house billing and from other billing companies. I was most frustrated with the other billing companies since they were considered professionals and still made errors without my knowledge. I then switched over to Clinic Doctor and have been very happy since. Clinic Doctor has allowed me to learn how to bill properly and when I do make mistakes, I have their courteous staff there to guide me...

Dr. Edward, CA

I had invested thousands of dollars in putting together an office that would be efficient, cost effective and profitable. I based everything off of proven systems. From the marketing, treatment, report of findings and patient follow up everything was cutting edge. Well almost everything. The billing was still being handled like it was a 1970\'s office. Changing HIPAA and NPI laws, constant stress and staffing issues had me change to outsourcing. I first tried a \"mom and pop\" type place, HUGE mistake. That cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Finally I found clinic doctor, they saved me...

Dr. Ed, IL

Thank you... thank you... been waiting 20 yrs for this! Freaking awesome!

Dr. Chad, CO

I\'ve been using the new ICD 10 code set today (obviously) and it is a lot easier to use than I was expecting. Good job!

Dr. Scott, MN

As I read the description of the system\'s adaptation to ICD-10, I think to myself that this is precisely what I would have asked for if I had been asked to design this transition. If it works, and I expect it will work well, it will be such a help and time-saver for us. Thanks, and fingers crossed for smooth operations.

Dr. Russ, OR

I would just like to say what a blessing it has been working with ClinicDr. This is my first time owning my own practice and being in charge of all of my own front desk operations. I did not even consider opening with any other software. Within two weeks of our first claims submission we received checks from insurance companies, and not only that had the peace of mind knowing that ICD10 transition would not be a problem. The training is excellent and the support outstanding. I look at ClinicDr as a necessary part of my clinic, never an expense. Thank you ClinicDr for making my practice a joyous place to be!

Dr. Christine, MN

The transition to ICD-10 was much easier than I ever anticipated, and Clinic Doctor helped make that transition as easy and seemless as possible. Thank you!

Dr. Ron, MN