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Simplify The Complex

Strengthen Patient Relationships

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Strengthen Patient Relationships

Be In The Moment – Patient relationships are built on each patient knowing that they have your complete attention, in the moment. Our software design starts with us imagining you, eye to eye with your patient, having a single minded focus of advancing their health. There can be no annoying technology distractions. Time spent documenting care takes your focus off your patients. Even though you can create a treatment note and claim in 10 seconds on ClinicDr, our philosophy is that those seconds are stolen from the patient. We fight to streamline every aspect of our software, so that you can be in the moment.

Do it Their Way – Some patients use no technology. Other patients expect you to use advanced technologies. The ClinicDr cloud chiropractic software handles both types of patients equally well. On ClinicDr, communicate and exchange information the way the patient wants to interact with you. During the patient encounter, ClinicDr has handy widgets and dashboards that provide just in time information. ClinicDr has simple to use advanced communication tools that match your patient’s technology expectations and keep your relationships strong even when the patient is not actively treating. 

Attract & Engage Patients – Become part of your patient’s digital world. Be on their smartphone and in their email. Internally market and engage patients. Externally market and engage your community. Simply manage and track every engagement through our automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

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Simplify Business Complexity

Simplify Compliance – ClinicDr cloud chiropractic software gives you a true sense of security without compromising speed. Document the required medical necessity data points in less than 10 seconds. ClinicDr has over 58 treatment templates to choose from and can customize any template to match the patient payer profile or your unique documentation requirements. From cash practices to integrative medicine clinics, we have you covered.

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Simplify Business Complexity

 Simplify Claims – Every claim has 85 complex data entry points with multiple variants depending upon the payer and patient status. ClinicDr automatically creates your claims from the last, best, and error free data points combined with today’s services. Automatic! Easy! Accurate! 

Reduce Claim Denials – The Feds proved that the average chiropractor has an 82% error rate on Medicare claims. Errors on claims is the biggest reason for claim denials. Chiropractors are smart and well-educated. The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, tedious and fosters errors which lead to denied reimbursement and broken doctor-patient relationships. ClinicDr reduces your clinic error rate to less than 1% with our automatic claim scrubber and other error reducing technologies. ClinicDr cuts through the complexity with a dogged desire to automate everything you do and drive that error rate and complexity down. ​

Simplify Clinic Systems

 Simplify Technology – What technology device do you like using? Use that device on our cloud software. How do you want patients to flow through the clinic? Bend the ClinicDr cloud chiropractic software to your will. Hide menus you will never use and find dashboards and widgets just for you. Backup and software updates are automatic. No software to download or manage. Simply manage your internet connection. Lose all electricity to your clinic? No problem! Turn on a smartphone hot spot, grab a battery powered device and treat patients in the dark.

 Automate Processes With Easy To Use Features – Compliant emails to patients happen seamlessly. Two way texting happens on the fly with minimal clicks. Appointment reminders are set up instantly your way. Online appointment requests and new patient paperwork can be completed on your website and on your patient’s smartphone. Patients can check in and give you their chief complaint using their smart phone.

 Use Burst Technologies – Burst technologies allow you to get exactly the information you need, just when you need it. Some of these technologies come with your preferred smart device. Since ClinicDr is cloud based, these burst technologies work on your device automatically and we build them into our cloud chiropractic software.

 This Is Your Software – Ask ClinicDr for a software modification to simplify your work and you will be surprised. If it’s a request that advances health by simplifying the complex and strengthening patient relationships, expect the change to be live on ClinicDr cloud chiropractic software within 30 days!

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Simplify Patient Marketing 

Simplify Patient Communication 

The best Cloud Chiropractic Software 2020It Works!

Brian Dugger

Brian Dugger

Texas Chiro Health

As a past president to one chiropractic management company and one chiropractic franchise I have spent my career assisting hundreds upon hundreds of Chiropractors to create their practices into businesses that serves their patients at the highest levels...

Coleen Carberry PT

Coleen Carberry PT

Owner of Advanced Medical Integration

I would highly recommend ClinicDr for your EMR needs.

They have done a great job adding the AMI integration templates to the ClinicDr cloud software system.

Todd Crabtree is very knowledgeable and great to work with!
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Dr. Lorraine Hurst​

Absolutely love this software! It checks every box for us! Our 9 provider practice loves the personal and knowledgeable customer service we get with our account manager. The software is always adapting and changing to industry needs, always customizing and evolving! It is a breath of fresh air to know ...

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In 2018 it was time for me to make a software choice for my personal Chiropractic business in Dallas Texas and I reviewed well over 15 Chiropractic software companies in detail (spreadsheets, analysis and demonstrations) to truly understand our best choice going forward.

After reviewing all the add-ons, details and offers made by so many companies the one thing I really based my decision upon was the leadership of the company.

I wanted to meet with the owners and see their passion for the future of helping chiropractors face changes in the constantly changing environment of healthcare billing and communications with their patients.

I can say today that I truly believe in ClinicDr and the team behind it’s future.

I have met with them, collaborated with them and even beta tested for them.

They are constantly creating a positive change in how we serve our patients while not constantly adding new fees for their improvements.

Relationships are built upon trust and if you are not feeling that trust where you are then I recommend you call ClinicDr and create a better future for you and your business, we did!

Absolutely love this software! It checks every box for us! Our 9 provider practice loves the personal and knowledgeable customer service we get with our account manager.
The software is always adapting and changing to industry needs, always customizing and evolving!

It is a breath of fresh air to know that the team at ClinicDr has us covered from start to finish of the process – scheduling, reminder calls, notes, billing through the system, taking card payments through the system, tracking productivity, texting patients and sending documents securely, and so much more, all online so you can access it anywhere, anytime.

We tried many other big names in the industry and know first hand that this solution is superior.

Take time to check them out, you will not regret it!