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Efficient Health Record Keeping WI – EHr WI

As a chiropractor in Wisconsin, keeping your patient’s personal health information protected at all times should be one of your top priorities. If your practice is still behind the times and stores all of your patient’s health records manually on site, those health records are not very protected. Our team at ClinicDr has the perfect solution for you. Take the next step in protecting your patients by investing in electronic health records (EHr) software from ClinicDr. The last thing that your chiropractic practice needs is to make the local news due to a breach of security. Taking these extra steps now will help keep your patients confident that their personal health information is protected!

Efficient Health Record Keeping WI

Put away the pen and paper for good! By choosing ClinicDr’s EHr software, you’ll be able to make treatment notes extremely quickly so that more time can be focused on the health of your patients, not the paperwork. Our software incorporates treatment note cloning and references past fee slips and diagnoses to make the record keeping process more efficient. Additionally, our cloud based software seamlessly links these treatment notes to the claim being submitted to insurance. Not only does this save time, but it helps significantly reduce claim errors as well!

Get A Grip on Compliance

Rules and regulations around chiropractic health records are ever changing and becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with on your own. Specializing in electronic health records for chiropractors in Wisconsin, our expert staff incorporates up to date instructions and warnings within your treatment notes to ensure you are following the proper processes. In turn, this will free up much more time that you can spend providing chiropractic care to your patients.

Easy Access Everywhere

At ClinicDr, we make it easy! As long as you have a tablet or computer and Internet access, you can securely access your EHr virtually anywhere. If you are traveling to a chiropractic conference outside of WI, no need to worry as you’ll have access to your EHr with just a few clicks! Your support staff can be trained on the EHr process over their lunch break. Yes, it’s that easy and intuitive to use!

When it comes to electronic health records, it is time for your chiropractic clinic in WI to get with the times. Go paperless and invest in EHr services from our dedicated staff at ClinicDr. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can make your practice more efficient.

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