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Chiropractic Online Appointment

Chiropractic Online Appointment

1. Convenience for patients

Patients of all ages have moments when they do not want to give a call or to visit an office just to make a scheduling. For them and not only, ClinicDr created Chiropractic Online Appointment.

Chiropractic Online Appointment over the phone usually requires an individual to phone in during office hours. This is an inconvenience for most patients, as they too are working at this time. Additionally, many individuals prefer to schedule their appointments online rather than over the phone. An online scheduling system allows for 24-hour scheduling, not just during normal facility or office hours.

2. Convenience for clinic staff

The clinic staff spends less time on the phone booking and managing appointments, thereby freeing up their schedule for more important and pressing tasks. As an example, let’s look at a large medical facility that typically schedules approximately 100 appointments daily. The staff is overwhelmed by requests and can lose their focus.

Moreover, the time savings experienced by a facility can translate into monetary savings. As staff resources can now be directed at other tasks, a scheduling system can eliminate the need for a staff member to work overtime or for management to hire new staff members to handle the work overload created by the appointment-scheduling process.

3. Driving patients to your website

Having a website is compulsory. With it, you can have a proper communication with your patients. They can subscribe to it and receive from time to time e-mails.

When it comes with Chiropractic Online Appointment, your website is not only compulsory, but also very important. 

One of the reasons to use online customer appointment scheduling is to make scheduling fast and simple. It can be set up so all of the information your scheduling staff needs to get is right in front of them every time.

5. Driving the patients to your patient app

Professionalism is required for a clinic. One sign for this is having a good-developed website and a patient app. 

In this way, scheduling can be performed on a variety of devices, including mobile phones.

Legal  issues


In order to maintain HIPAA compliance, ClinicDr ensures that everything it does and all tools it uses, follow HIPAA’s Privacy and Security Rules.  Software and web services utilized by ClinicDr must protect the privacy of patient’s electronic protected health information. Protected Health Information includes any information about health status, payment for healthcare.

Briefly, any information about your health status, how you paid for healthcare services, and what those services were must be protected.

2. Consent

Because, at CliniDr we care about our customers, we wouldn’t do anything to harm your chiropractor office.

Scheduling appointments is a time-intensive aspect of many industries, including healthcare. Chiropractic online appointment software helps save time by empowering patients to book and modify appointments at their convenience.

ClinicDr is a premier provider of chiropractic cloud practice management software on the cloud since 2004. Check out our features here!

       We offer 30 days free trial!

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