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Chiropractic Integrative Medicine Clinic

Are you ready to take your chiropractic integrative medicine clinic to the next level?

Be sure to not underestimate the challenge of team treating in a chiropractic integrative medicine clinic. Getting everyone on the same page system wide and documenting the medical necessity data points quickly and easily take a robust practice management platform specifically designed for team treatment in a busy and variant environment. 

For many years, chiropractors were experiencing an 80% failure rate, when they tried to integrate.

On our system, you can expect to turn that statistic on it’s head. 80% of our integrated clinics succeed.

One of the most successful integration consulting groups (Advanced Medical Integration) refer many of their members to us.

Keys to integration success in a chiropractic integrative medicine clinic

  • Start your credentialing early.
  • Actively use our Marketing CRM.
  • Work with an integration consultant group.
  • Focus on long term and good hiring of the allopaths.
  • Be active in managing the change that will happen in your clinic.
  • Actively engage patients by using our Patient/Community Portal.
  • Focus on maximizing usage of the widgets we created specifically for integrated clinics.
  • Use our ClinicDr practice management EHr that has all the allopath treatment templates your allopath's need.
  • The Orders widget lets you see exactly what services and how many services have been ordered since day one and today.
  • The Doc Edits widget allows team members to see in real time the treatment notes and services rendered by each team member.
  • The integration templates, provide decision trees that encourage correct ordering of services while documenting medical necessity.

Integrating your chiropractic integrative medicine clinic can be very rewarding to you and your patients. Having the right practice management platform and partners are critical to success.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.