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Does the billing aspect of your chiropractic practice in Minneapolis, MN function efficiently? If the answer is no, your practice is not the only one that struggles in this area. Do your billing practices integrate well with the tracking of your health records?

If you’re duplicating work when it comes to chiropractic billing and your patient’s health records, it is time for a change to become a more efficient chiropractic practice. The good news is that our dedicated team at ClinicDr offers chiropractic billing software that can integrate your billing and health records with ease.

Treatment Notes Instantly Become Insurance Claims

Most chiropractors would rather be spending their time with patients than worrying about how their billing processes are going. The truth is that if you plan to have a successful chiropractic practice for years to come, your billing processes must be in line. That’s where a partnership with ClinicDr comes in handy.

We can positively impact your billing department quickly. Instead of treating your health records and billing separately, our easy to use software gets these two key areas in sync. In turn, treatment notes are turned into insurance claims in a matter of seconds.

Chiropractic Paperless Compliance Billing Software

Another great way that the chiropractic billing software from ClinicDr can help your chiropractic office is by taking control of the compliance aspect of billing and your health records. Our software allows you to utilize electronic health records (EHr) so that you can get rid of all of the paper records in your office. This instantly protects your practice from the risks that keeping paper documentation around the practice can cause.

Whether you are completing a treatment note or attempting to submit a claim to insurance, our software has built in alerts anytime something is not in compliance. These alerts will allow you to fix the error immediately, reducing claim errors and speeding up the claims filing process.

Our chiropractic billing software is constantly being reviewed and evaluated by our compliance specialists to ensure that the software we offer our chiropractors is always in compliance with the ever changing rules and regulations around chiropractic billing and EHr.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you’ll have to learn new software when partnering with ClinicDr. Our other clients have learned how to navigate our easy to use software over a one hour lunch break. Quickly, you’ll get the hang of our cloud based billing and EHr software, helping you create an integrated chiropractic practice. If you are in the Minneapolis, MN area, give us a call today.

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