Chiropractic Electronic Health Records | EHr

  • Is your EHr taking your focus off of your patients?
  • Is your current EHr consuming too much of your time?
  • Are you failing to get your notes done as you are treating?
  • Are you worried that your treatment notes are not compliant?
  • Are you leaving your clinic at night with treatment notes not completed?

Fast and Easy EHr

In this information age, you should demand that all the technological advances you have on your smart phone are available on the EHr software critical to your clinic success!

  • Professional customized templates for you
  • Create treatment notes and claims in 10 seconds
  • Choose from over 50 templates/ travel cards. Have us create
  • Be able to dictate using your device, not another software add on
  • Use your favorite device to document care (iPad, Smartphone- both Apple and Android, tablet, touch screen, laptop, tower)

Be Truly Safe

Compliance is a journey, not a destination. Bad advice abounds in how to properly document treatment. For example, the common advice to use macros, gives the provider a false sense of security while exposing them to an audit nightmare.

When an insurance or board auditor sees the same exact compound sentence or paragraph appearing on multiple patients, the auditor knows the provider has tried to deceive them into thinking the treatment note was dictated and the auditor concludes that the provider is using cookie cutter treatment on all the patients.

Moreover, the longer the macro, the more likely the macro contains false information for that patient for that day of treatment. 

ClinicDR’s EHr avoids those pitfalls. We serve up to the provider, a list of relevant medical necessity data points (based on extensive research and experience) each of which is either true or false.

The provider simply selects each data point that is “true” during that appointment. We ditto the prior visits “true” medical necessity data points from the previous visit to orient the provider and make it easy to change a small portion of data points that have changed since the last visit.

This is the fastest, most honest and most compliant way to document care. The final written, bullet pointed note, is true, professional and will hold up to post-payment and board audits.

  • Robust documentation of medical necessity
  • Templates/ travel cards for DC, PT, NP, PA, DO and MD's
  • Produce treatment notes that contain, mirror image information, from the claim
  • Templates/ travel cards that cover both standard and cutting edge innovative care
  • Team treat efficiently in an integrated clinic with widgets built specifically for team care
  • Create professional notes that hold up to audits, prove medical necessity and are individualized for each patient
  • Each template/ travel card is personally designed by a chiropractor and healthcare attorney with decades of audit experience.

We can be the last Ehr you will ever switch to. The chronic EHr pain you are experiencing with wasted time and non-compliance can be eliminated with some short term pain to switching to our EHr.

Within a very short period of time, you will move to unconscious competence and never look back!