Chiropractic Billing System with Training

With any type of chiropractic billing system, there needs to be order against any potential chaos. When you decide on a billing system for your chiropractic office, you often look at its functionality, ease of use and productivity. At ClinicDr, we also believe that understanding how to run it successfully should be a top priority. This is why our chiropractic billing system always offers our software with training. Brace yourselves folks, chiropractic billing just got a whole lot easier.

Easiest Start Up

Often times when providers are deciding on the right billing software for their clinic, they can easily be intimidated by the fear of learning a new system. At ClinicDr, we want to make that transition as simple as possible. Everything we do at ClinicDr is simple and straightforward. There are no computer or software purchase costs. There are absolutely zero hidden fees or unnecessary expenses that other companies may try to fool you with like software maintenance or upgrade costs. At ClinicDr, we have the easiest start up ever. All it takes to begin is a reliable internet connection and whatever internet connective device you prefer.

Clinic Training Takes One Hour

No matter if you are a new chiropractic clinic or you’re just now switching to a more reliable billing system, ClinicDr makes training your clinic incredibly easy. In fact, most clinics find it so simple and easy that they learn the system over one simple lunch hour. Once we’ve got you up and running, our training at ClinicDr doesn’t just end. We partner with all of our clients so that they know we are always here to help. We will continue to meet and discuss your needs for the practice and improve the way we deliver our billing system. From data conversion, employee training, and on to claims creation, training in your clinic is done quickly and efficiently so that no cash flow issues arise, even during your transition to a new system.

Want to learn more about ClinicDr’s chiropractic billing system with training? We can show you how you can write a note in your EHr and have it glide seamlessly over into an accurate claim, creating both a treatment note and a claim in 10 seconds? At ClinicDr, we have all of these answers for you. For more information, give us a call today.

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