Chiropractic Billing Services | 30 days free trial

Chiropractic Billing Services

Common Problems in a clinic’s billing services department- SOLVED!

  • Staff turnover
  • Poor cash flow
  • High denial rates
  • Rapidly changing coding rules
  • Ballooning accounts receivables
  • Insurance payers bent on making your life miserable

ClinicDr will help you move from reactive to proactive and produce a peace over your billing, you have always hoped for.

Whether you choose to have ClinicDr provide chiropractic billing software or not, we specifically designed our system to  nudge you towards best billing department practices.

Our practice management platform is the same with our without our billing services.

You can decide at any time to turn on or off our chiropractic billing.  You can decide which of our chiropractic billing services you want at any time. 

You are in control of us providing chiropractic billing services by simply meeting with us weekly for less than 1/2 hour and deciding which actions to take, based off a written report detailing our recommendations.

Free chiropractic billing services:

Pay as you choose, chiropractic billing services:

  • ClinicDr works on your billing needs 24/7.
  • ClinicDr pays for and manages the clearing house.
  • All clinic insurance payments go directly to your clinic.
  • ClinicDr provides ongoing guidance on billing best practices.
  • ClinicDr provides ongoing software and billing training for staff.
  • ClinicDr only charges you for the services performed. You never get charged a percentage of collections.
  • ClinicDr submits all your claims, enters insurance payments, searches for black holed claims, executes denial management and follow up.
  • ClinicDr provides an automated Service Center that allows you to make claim and billing service requests 24/7.
  • ClinicDr’s Account Manager (high level, experienced American) meets with you weekly, serves up a written report telling you about denials, makes professional recommendations to overcome denials and takes orders from you on what you want done.

Here is a list of some of our choose as you go Billing Services:

  • Void Claim
  • Re-submission
  • Replacement Claim
  • Secondary Submission
  • Claim Delivery Verification
  • Paper Corrected Claim Submission
  • Fax Claims/Records (memo required)
  • Appeal
  • Upload EOB to CDr
  • Report EOB entry error
  • Return claim to pending folder
  • Upload Records for claim in CDr
  • Patient Statement – Rush request
  • Upload Records and CDr create claim
  • Claim Deletion
  • Product Deletion
  • Schedule Training
  • Payment Deletion
  • Write-off Deletion
  • Schedule Update Call
  • Patient Account Deletion
  • Claim Status Call
  • Insurance Verification
  • Denial Management Call
  • Request Call from Customer Service
  • Exclude claim from overdue calling report
  • Suspend from calling report for 30 more days
  • Suspend from calling report for 60 more days

74% of our clients choose to have us provide billing services. 

We prove our value to our clients every day. 92% of our clients sign up and stay with us.

We hope to be the last practice management software and services platform, you will ever need!