Move from reactive to proactive
in your chiropractic billing services department

Your clinic- lean, smart and connected…

Success by  process, not  personality

  • Know which claim denials require action and which don’t

  • You control which services ClinicDr performs

  • Weekly meeting- to control denials and take action

Get our help anytime

  • Instant accountability and action tracking

  • Pick and choose what billing services you want

  • Send us electronic service requests 24/7

  • We work while you sleep

  • Average cost is half of a typical billing services company

Stop claim denials in their tracks

  • Better collections through reduced errors

  • Complex algorithms clean your claims

  • Process claims together with a click

  • You decide who pays for and manages the clearinghouse

Get patient financial commitment from the start

  • Tell the patient how much they will pay out of pocket with our financial treatment plan

  • Eliminate patient statements

  • Get a signed agreement

  • Build trust for lifetime patients


Grow & Prosper

  • Instantly see important financial metrics

  • Keep your clinic on a profitable track

  • Limit the financial metrics widget to key personnel

Billing Service features your clinic can’t live without

Since our Chiropractic Software is Cloud Based,our solutions work on every major OS, Browser and Mobile device