Chiropractic Care – Do Medicare Patients Require an X-Ray for Diagnosis?

Chiropractors are NOT required to perform an x-ray for diagnosis of a Medicare patient. However, to treat a Medicare patient Chiropractors must diagnose a subluxation.

It used to be that Chiropractors needed an x-ray in order to do that, but now it can be done with either an x-ray or by conducting a P.A.R.T. exam. A P.A.R.T. exam can demonstrate the existence of a subluxation without an x-ray.

Chiropractors must be very careful when performing the P.A.R.T. exam because they may seem simple, but they really aren’t.

As a Chiropractor, if you miss one section of the P.A.R.T. exam you’re going to have trouble proving the medical necessity of the chiropractic adjustment for the subluxation to Medicare.

It is something you should be aware of and careful about. A lot of good electronic health record systems actually do not allow you to save the P.A.R.T. exam form unless all the required elements of the form are completed.

You should use a good electronic health records system that does things like this, and stops you from saving a record of an examination that is not complete.

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