Benefits of Online Billing Software

If you’ve been using a computer-based chiropractic billing software at your clinic, you’re probably used to the yearly software renewal fees, the typical upgrade fees and changes you have to adjust to, the delays in technical support, and the other negatives that come with most chiropractic billing software. With Clinic Doctor, we aim to eliminate these challenges with chiropractic billing and make it simpler for you, your office staff, and your patients to deal with billing claims and payments. How does our billing software do this? By being hosted completely online along with our electronic health records system, allowing you to reap the many benefits of our online chiropractic billing services. Continue reading

Software for Chiropractic Billing

Finding a billing software for your chiropractic practice can be challenging. Many chiropractors work individually or as part of a small team and staff. When you open your office, or are looking to upgrade your billing software you want to choose a software that is designed for you and that you can trust. When you choose Clinic Doctor you know you are getting a reliable software, and not only is it reliable but it is efficient and specifically designed by chiropractors. Continue reading

Billing & Software for Chiropractic Clinics

Clinic Doctor offers chiropractic office billing software and support. We understand how frustrating billing can be. If it’s done incorrectly, it can be detrimental to your practice. That’s why our billing services are designed for chiropractors by chiropractors! We take the headache out of billing and give relief to those who have attempted the billing process and found it too frustrating! Continue reading

Chiropractic Billing FAQ

Let’s face it, chiropractic billing is no walk in the park. Here are some common questions that providers frequently ask before or during transitioning to Clinic Doctor, a cloud based chiropractic billing software company:

Question: Do I have to sign up for both services or can I just choose one service offered? Continue reading

Chiropractic Billing Outsource

Are you a chiropractic clinic looking to outsource your billing service? Billing services are not always as simple as they may seem, especially working with insurance companies. When chiropractic clinics outsource their billing services, it is important to work with a company with a great reputation and that you can trust to make things as great as possible; that is why working with Clinic Doctor is the way to go. Continue reading