In-House Billing Processes for Chiropractic Clinics

Whether your practice already operates with in-house billing or you’re thinking of making the transition, you should know what you’re getting into. Filing chiropractic billing claims is by no means that easiest part of running a practice. In fact, it might be one of the most difficult processes you have to go through to keep your clinic running smoothly. So what should you consider when evaluating in-house billing processes for chiropractic clinics? Having an in-house billing software like Clinic Doctor doesn’t just make things convenient for you and your patients. It makes for faster payment turnaround and fewer claim denials. That means you spend less time fixing errors and more time on patient treatment. Continue reading

Best Chiropractic Billing Services

Clinic Doctor is an electronic health records provider that was founded in 2004. Chiropractic billing has always been a challenge, extremely time consuming and oftentimes errors occurred when working with insurance. For all these reasons, a team of healthcare experts decided to team together to identify the series of problems chiropractors experience and to create a system that worked better, was easy to use, cost effective and was easy to transition to. With a team of chiropractors and compliance efforts, Clinic Doctor was created and today has expanded nationwide to help provide offices with the best chiropractic billing service in the industry. Our mission continues to be focused on enabling clinics to outsource complex claims and billing to Clinic Doctor which in turn allows their practices to become more profitable, streamlined, and compliant. Continue reading

Chiropractor Billing Options

Are you looking for a chiropractic billing service? Are you thinking of opening up your own practice, or wanting to update from you old system? Setting up a new system can be an intimidating process. It is common for most people to be hesitant when getting new software. Often software isn’t user friendly, and may be more time consuming than your old system. Although this is a real problem for many software updates, or system changes our chiropractic billing services is simple and hassle free. Continue reading

Integrating Treatment Records, Patient Health Records and Office Billing

Ever wonder how you can make your chiropractic practice run more smoothly? Are you having trouble with billing claims errors? Have you been wanting a more efficient way to log patients’ health records or track treatment notes? If you, your staff, or your patients could benefit from changes to how your practice operates, Clinic Doctor can help. Our software can help improve processes and increase profitability by integrating treatment records, patient health records, and office billing claims all in one place. With our cloud-based billing claims software and patient health records services, you’ll see all the problems you see begin to take a turn for the best! Continue reading

Chiropractic Paperless Compliance Billing Software

We’re living in a paperless world, where everyone wants things done faster, easier, and online. That means if your chiropractic clinic hasn’t already gone green, you should be switching to a chiropractic paperless compliance billing software now! With paperless billing, you’ll be doing more than saving tress; you’ll make billing more convenient for your staff and patients. You’ll also have the benefit of making working with insurance companies several times easier! When you consider the benefits of paperless compliance billing, you’ll see that there’s no reason to wait. And when you work with Clinic Doctor, everything about billing claims will become easier and more profitable. Continue reading