Chiropractic Integrative Medicine Minneapolis

If you are part of a Chiropractic Integrative Medicine Center in the Minneapolis area, then helping your clients achieve optimal health and wellness is likely the cornerstone of your practice. You are open to working with those in other specialties to achieve this goal. Chiropractors often work with medical providers, nutritionists, physical therapists and massage therapists to find a treatment plan that can provide an individualized approach to care. One thing that is not generally part of your training or your passion is billing and maintaining each patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHr). While necessary, it is very often a cumbersome part of practicing, taking precious time away from seeing patients. Clinic Doctor offers a cloud based mobile EHr and comprehensive billing system specially designed for chiropractors and integrated clinicians. Continue reading

Integrated EHr and Billing System

Technology has made our lives easier in many different ways. Our smart phones allow us to be in touch with loved ones and friends (and work!) 24/7. They can help us navigate to a new location, find phone numbers and schedule appointments and when it’s time to wind down for the day, we can now watch our favorite TV show anytime we want on our favorite tablet. Technology has also transformed healthcare over the last several decades. Paper charts and billing slips are a thing of the past and the Electronic Health Record (EHr) and online billing systems are now a part of most clinics and practices. If you work in a chiropractic or integrated clinic, Clinic Doctor’s cloud based software tool can help your practice achieve maximum efficiency, increase profitability, and also save you precious time. Continue reading

Getting Started With Chiropractic Integrative Medicine

First of all, welcome to the team. Surprisingly, incorporating chiropractic integrative medicine into your practice is not as challenging as one would expect. While other companies are asking you to take a leap of faith, we have the experience and support system to make this transition just as smooth and painless as possible. At Clinic Doctor, we are excited to offer you a system that allows you to document medical necessities while also maximizing your efficiency, especially in billing. Continue reading

Single-Entry Health Record and Billing Claim Service

Seeing your patients each day is extremely rewarding. After years of training and experience, you can actually have a positive impact during each and every visit, reducing overall pain, increasing range of motion and alleviating health issues like headaches and even insomnia. If you have elected to go into chiropractic or integrative medicine, you very likely went into this field to help others. However, in addition to providing great care, you are also responsible for the administrative aspects of a clinic visit — including inputting visit information into the Electronic Health Record (EHr) and completing the billing process in your clinic. This can be time consuming and cumbersome. Just imagine if you could save time and do this all at once. Clinic Doctor can make this process easy for you with single-entry health record and billing claim service. Continue reading


As a chiropractor in Wisconsin, keeping your patient’s personal health information protected at all times should be one of your top priorities. If your practice is still behind the times and stores all of your patient’s health records manually on site, those health records are not very protected. Our team at Clinic Doctor has the perfect solution for you. Take the next step in protecting your patients by investing in electronic health records (EHr) software from Clinic Doctor. The last thing that your chiropractic practice needs is to make the local news due to a breach of security. Taking these extra steps now will help keep your patients confident that their personal health information is protected! Continue reading