Electronic Health Records

Long gone are the days of large paper patient charts, and manila folders with tabs so you could manually search for patient information. For many decades, hundreds or even thousands of patient charts were stored in an office and filled with printouts of clinic notes from each patient visit. Now, all of this data can be stored electronically and, instead of a paper file, each patient has his or her own electronic health record (EHr). While this electronic system is much improved from these old paper files, electronic health records can still present their own challenges and be cumbersome for users, slow, and require multiple entry of duplicate information. Clinic Doctor has developed an online software tool that offers a user friendly interface for electronic health records, which is also combined with an efficient billing system to improve the efficiency of your chiropractic practice, decrease the amount of time you spend on electronic charts, and increase your time spent with your patients. In fact, with Clinic Doctor, you can go from a note to a claim in 10 seconds! Continue reading

Spend More Time with Patients And Less Time On Your Computer

If you are a chiropractor and are asked what your favorite parts of your job are, you might say helping your patients everyday, the flexibility that the job offers, or maybe you appreciate the job career growth potential and/or the annual salary. One thing that you might NOT mention when asked about your job satisfaction is managing your patient records and billing. Clinic Doctor is an online software tool that can eliminate the stress surrounding and the time spent on the Electronic Health Record (EHr) and billing issues and allows you to focus on the parts of job that you love. Continue reading

Billing Software for Chiropractors

Billing for a chiropractic office can be incredibly tricky and time-consuming. There’s so many things to pay attention to that it can also be overwhelming at times. Using stream-lined billing software designed specifically for chiropractors can improve efficiency and smooth out the entire process. The billing software from Clinic Doctor was made solely for chiropractors so that it can be easy to use and adapt greatly for any practice. Continue reading

Billing For Chiropractors

When you think about your top priorities and goals for your chiropractic practice in the coming year, what comes to mind? Helping your patients feel better? Running an efficient and profitable practice? Spending less time on billing and more time with your patients? If these goals and priorities resonate with you, it may be time to consider steps you can take to really make some headway in these areas. Clinic Doctor is a web based Electronic Health Record (EHr) and billing software tool that can take the headache out of managing patient records and billing procedures, increasing overall clinic efficiency, and allowing you to spend more time helping your patients. Continue reading

Chiropractic Billing Services

The popularity of chiropractic care is increasing at a rapid pace because of the success it has brought so many patients over the years. Patients are beginning to shy away from managing their pain with medicine and are showing interest in a more holistic approach, through chiropractic care. With more and more patients showing up at your door looking to be seen, how in the world will you have the time to provide the proper care that each patient may need? Continue reading