Chiropractic Billing Assistance

Sick of having the weight of chiropractic billing on your shoulders? If you feel overwhelmed because of the difficult responsibilities associated with running a chiropractic clinic, our team at Clinic Doctor is here to provide you with chiropractic billing assistance. By investing in our outsourced chiropractic billing services, more time will be freed up for you to focus on other aspects of your clinic that need more attention. Continue reading

Cloud Based Chiropractic Billing Help

For the chiropractors in MN, IA, WI, SD & ND that have been around for decades, cloud based software of any kind may be a brand new concept. When they hear the phrase “cloud,” they think about the clouds in the sky. This day in age, however, the phrase “cloud” also refers to online storage. Essentially, cloud storage is a way to store data online in a safe and secure way so that you can get rid of paper tracking. How does this relate to running a chiropractic practice, you may ask? Well, our dedicated staff at Clinic Doctor incorporates cloud based chiropractic billing services to make the billing process significantly easier for you! Continue reading

Dedicated Billing Help

When you think about the part of running a chiropractic clinic that gives you the most stress on a regular basis, chances are it isn’t your patients. After all, chiropractors choose this field to help patients heal and strengthen. For many chiropractors, the area that causes a lot of stress around the office is the billing process. Are the claims you are submitting accurate? Will you be paid in time? Is your practice continuing to remain compliant when it comes to the rules and regulations around billing? These are serious questions to ask yourself. One solution to all of this stress is outsourcing your chiropractic billing needs to Clinic Doctor. Chiropractic billing is our specialty, and we have a passion for taking this difficult task off of chiropractor’s hands. Continue reading

Reducing Chiropractic Billing Errors

If there is one thing that running a business will teach you, it’s that getting paid is a necessity. Even if you are doing what you love and loving what you do, if your business is not financially sound, there will eventually be no business at all. At Clinic Doctor, we recognize this day to day struggle that many chiropractic offices face. While their own practice may be thriving with patients and innovative treatments, the lack of financial stability is frankly terrifying. If this feels like you and your chiropractic office, it’s time to learn more about Clinic Doctor. Created by a team of chiropractors and expert medical billing professionals, our medical billing software aims to reduce your chiropractic billing errors and get your practice on top (where it belongs). Continue reading

Accurate & User Friendly Billing Software

The chiropractic field is a very rewarding profession, most of the time. Those chiropractors that handle the billing process internally would be quick to point out just how difficult chiropractic billing can be for a practice. It is alright, however, for you to throw your hands up and seek assistance when it comes to your chiropractic facilities billing needs. At Clinic Doctor, we offer user friendly billing software that chiropractors from all backgrounds have grown to rely on. Not only is our software specifically for chiropractors and easy to use, but there are other ways that this software can help your practice as well. Continue reading