Spend More Time With Your Chiropractic Patients

In the modern era, the norm in a chiropractic practice (any, any medical practice for that matter) is to push to see more patients. You must balance this with providing the best care possible, and keeping up with the electronic medical record. Clinic Doctor is an online EHr system that effectively eliminates paperwork, keeps you in compliance and allows you to spend more time with each of your patients. Continue reading

Chiropractic Clinic Collections SD

Are you having difficulty collecting payment from your chiropractic patients. As a chiropractor in South Dakota, a lot of people rely on you to gain pain relief from chronic conditions. Although you are stepping up to the plate to provide a service for your patients, are they paying you in return? Providing chiropractic care without collecting any payment from the patient can quickly harm your business. If this illustrates the situation you are in, our team at Clinic Doctor can help your chiropractic clinic increase your collection rate through properly managing your billing. Continue reading

Chiro Billing Services

Effective billing is a key component of the viability and success of your chiropractic practice. If your team has been plagued with billing errors, long lags between when you submit claims and when you actually get paid, and high rates of rejected claims, it might be time to try a new system. Clinic Doctor is a software tool designed specifically for chiropractic clinics by actual chiropractors, so you can be confident that the tool will meet your unique needs. Clinic Doctor seamless integrates your billing system with your Electronic Health Record (EHr) to produce a highly successful way to manage your practice, spend more time with your patients and improve your bottom line. Continue reading

Chiropractic Billing Services Iowa

When you walk into work every day, what goes through your mind?  If you went into chiropractic care, you likely look forward to numerous patient interactions each day, treatments and hands on healthcare. And, if you are like many chiropractors in the Iowa area, as much as you love patient care, you loathe the billing that is associated with it.  Clinic Doctor is an online chiropractic billing software system that was designed by a chiropractor for a chiropractic clinic. It streamlines the chiropractic billing process and integrates it with the electronic health record (EHr) to provide your practice with an efficient, easy to use system that will allow you more time with your patients and less time on the billing side of your business. Continue reading

Decreasing Claim Errors

Throughout the years, as medical billing has evolved, so has technology. Most medical practices have converted to a completely paperless system. So many different companies offer complete EHrs and billing systems, you’d think it would be easy to pick. However, chiropractic offices seem to consistently fall behind in this evolving change. Many practices have attempted the switch but then found themselves frustrated with the software because nothing specifically was meant for chiropractic care. At Clinic Doctor, we thought the same thing. This is why we created a cloud based system that is specifically made for chiropractors. Continue reading