Why Clinic Doctor Electronic Health Records?

How do you choose a health records system? How do you know that a patient health record software is going to be right for your chiropractic clinic? When you’re looking for the best chiropractic health records software or system for you, your staff and your patients, you should consider several factors: how the health records system helps make filing billing claims easier, how fast you can create new patient treatment notes, how intuitive the software is for you and your staff, and how accessible your health records are. At Clinic Doctor, we’ve created an electronic health records system that prioritizes each of these, ensuring that the clinics we work with are equipped with a health records system that has everything they need. Continue reading

More Accurate Chiropractic Billing Claims

Is your chiropractic clinic plagued by billing claims mistakes? Have you been wondering how you can increase profits more quickly, ensure billing claims are approved by insurance companies, and actually get your patients their billing statements in a timely manner? It’s likely that if you’re having problems with your billing claims, including having to refile billing claims because of mistakes or sending out billing claims slowly because they’re so complicated to complete correctly, then you need a change – and desperately! Luckily, at Clinic Doctor, we’ve created a chiropractic billing claims software that can meet all of your needs and more! With our online, cloud-based billing claims software, you’ll have access to your chiropractic billing claims from anywhere with an internet connection, and you’ll be able to create more accurate billing claims without wasting time or money refiling claims or filing claims slowly due to complicated forms. With us, there’s no more mistakes or lagging – there is only mistake-free billing and faster payment. Continue reading

Benefits of Outsourcing Chiropractic Billing with Clinic Doctor

Filing chiropractic billing claims is often the most tedious and time-consuming part of operating a chiropractic clinic. For many clinics, office staff and chiropractors have to constantly worry about filing billing claims correctly so that they’re accepted, refiling denied billing claims, and making sure payment is received for all billing claims. To make this process easier for your clinic and increase your bottom line, Clinic Doctor offers outsourced chiropractic billing services to help you manage your clinic’s billing claims more simply with less hassle, fewer mistakes, and greater convenience to you, your staff, your patients, and even insurance companies. Continue reading

Faster Chiropractic Billing Claims

How many times have you thought about how slowly your chiropractic billing claims are filed, approved, and then paid? Have you been wondering how you can make filing billing claims simpler and more cost-effective? It’s time to start thinking progressively about your chiropractic billing procedures and how you can make money faster by using a new and improved online chiropractic billing software that allows you and your staff to create quick and easy billing claims every time. That’s where we come in. Clinic Doctor was created to make billing claims simpler, faster, and more cost-effective for chiropractors, chiropractic office staff, chiropractic patients, and even insurance companies working with chiropractors. If that sounds like something your clinic could benefit from having, check out some of the major benefits of converting to the Clinic Doctor billing claims software and electronic health records system! Continue reading

Outsourced Chiro Billing with Excellent Customer Service

Most chiropractic providers are focused on the patient while on the job. The last thing that they want to deal with is having to handle the billing side of things internally. This time consuming process takes away time with your patients, and it also lowers the productivity of the chiropractic practice as a whole. What happens if you have technical difficulties or your backup server dies? Most chiropractic clinics do not have an onsite IT department to provide any support. If you are fed up with the billing side of medicine and want to team up with a chiropractic billing company that not only handles the billing for you, but also offers high level customer service, teaming up with Clinic Doctor, Inc. can help your situation immensely! Continue reading