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EHr Made Simple

The Electronic Health Record (EHr) is known in practices all around the country for being time consuming and costly. And, while there is no doubt that the transition from a

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Chiropractic Billing with (EHr)

Chiropractic billing has really become an enigma over the last few years. With the pressure of precise charting and the increase in regulations for insurance companies, chiropractic billing has become

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Cloud Based Chiropractic Solutions

ClinicDr provides comprehensive Cloud Based Chiropractic Solutions that help to streamline billing and electronic health records keeping. Tech tools like the ones created by ClinicDr are making life easier for

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Chiropractic Billing Payment Help

Just like Jerry Maguire, as a Chiropractor you sometimes just want to scream, “show me the money”! Honestly, it’s frustrating. Chiropractic billing is a challenge and is a difficult job

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