Clinic Doctor joins forces with HIPAA-compliant businesses

Our Partners

Clinic Doctor joins forces with HIPAA-compliant businesses to add additional functionality and options to our clinics! We select partnerships based on offerings of great value, product, and customer service and we are proud to make their business solutions available to you through our system.

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Fortis System is Better!

  • The Fortis system is simple and easy to use
  • Designed specifically for Chiropractors
  • Designed to save the office time
  • Special features to auto-collect and increase collections for the clinic

Fortis Membership Pricing is Better!

  • Flat monthly fee
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Simple, transparent pricing
  • No profit margin in our rates

Your staff will love these features

  • Email’s patient to collect recurring declines – When recurring payments are declined, an email is sent to the patient so they can pay from home. This process also lets patients replace the card tied to their recurring.
  • Control Over Recurring – 1 CLICK to skip recurring payments, defer recurring payments, & to move current months recurring payment date!
  • Store 2 cards on file – Have two cards tied to a recurring. If the first card declines, the second card automatically runs – Coming Soon!
  • Manage deposit locations – From a dropdown, easily select what deposit account you want this transaction going to – i.e. Chiro care vs. products bank account, multiple docs in office, etc..

VIDEO – Fortis Demo – Add, Edit & Auto Collection of Recurring Payments

VIDEO – Fortis – Clinic Dr Demo One Time Payments

Our Partners 2


Reminder Calls, Text Messages and E-mails

Automatically integrates with your Clinic Doctor patient database and scheduler to send out reminder texts, calls, or e-mails based on the patient’s preference.

ReminderCall offers the following features:

  • May be used as a collections tool to contact patients regarding outstanding balances
  • Patients can opt to be connected to your clinic to arrange payments for balances during their collections call
  • Patients may reply to text messages, replies are sent to the clinic via e-mail and also are stored on your portal
  • portal allows customization of communications and displays success rate of received text messages and calls. Replied to texts are also displayed on the portal as well as emailed to the clinic
  • Easy to use, may set default setting in Clinic Doctor for communication type for all patients
  • Clinic can create their own voice recordings to use in automated calls for appointment reminders, marketing calls, and collections calls


Our Partners 3


Help solve your everyday patient communication issues.

Real Time Two Way Text Conversations

Zingit Solutions offers the following features:

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Reschedule Missed Appointments
  • Future Appointment Reminders
  • Mobile Birthday Club
  • Patient Reactivations
  • Post Appointment Surveys
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Reviews

VIDEO – Zingit Solutions