Online Chiropractic Billing Software System -

Online Chiropractic Billing Software System

What is your favorite part about running your own chiropractic clinic? Chances are that managing the billing side of your practice is not at the top of the list. Managing chiropractic billing internally is time consuming, stressful and very difficult. With rules and regulations changing so frequently, you run the risk of falling out of compliance without a chiropractic billing expert on your side.

If you feel like handling chiropractic billing internally is having a negative impact on your chiropractic practice, it is time for you to consult our dedicated team at ClinicDr. Through a partnership with our staff, you’ll gain access to an online chiropractic billing software system that is a complete game changer!

Less Errors and Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that on average, the error rate of chiropractic claims for a clinic is at 83%. Just think about how much money you are losing due to these errors. Not only do claim errors cause you to lose money, but also they can delay the processing of a claim and may even cause a denial. With the chiropractic billing software system from ClinicDr, you will be notified immediately if there are any errors with your claims.

This will allow you to make any necessary changes instantly so that the claim does not get delayed. Additionally, our cloud based software offers claim tracking, denial management, insurance verification, clearinghouse submissions and even claim creation. Our advanced software allows chiropractors to enter a treatment note and a claim in 10 seconds or less, boosting your productivity exponentially! The end result is more time with your patients, which is really why you became a chiropractor, right?

Seamless Setup

When developing this online chiropractic billing software system, we wanted to make it very simple and intuitive so that chiropractors from all backgrounds could use our software with ease. To make it easy, there is no required computer or software purchase costs, and all you need is an internet connection and laptop or tablet to start taking advantage of our billing benefits.

With ClinicDr, there are no hidden costs and you have access to the software from anywhere you have an internet connection, at anytime! Our team can train your entire staff on the ClinicDr chiropractic billing software system over their lunch break. It’s that easy!

If you have had enough with managing your chiropractic billing internally, ClinicDr has a solution for you. Give our team a call today to learn more about our online chiropractic billing software system.

We offer you 30 days free trial –

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About the author

Todd Crabtree
Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Founded Clinic Doctor Inc. in 2004, to innovate the providing of insurance billing services to healthcare providers in chiropractic clinics that lacked the resources to pay for qualified billing professionals.

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