My Chiropractic Clinic Needs Advice on Billing for Manual Traction -

My Chiropractic Clinic Needs Advice on Billing for Manual Traction

Chiropractic billing can cause quite the headache. And although it’s not a joy to do, it must be done to keep your chiro practice going. Manual traction, for instance, is a difficult therapeutic technique to be reimbursed for by many payers. This is why partnering with a chiropractic billing service such as ClinicDr is a wise idea.

We can help you with all of your billing questions and concerns and ensure that you get paid for claims in a timely manner, without delays and run-arounds.

Billing for Manual Traction

Simply put, the billing code that chiropractors should use to designate Manual Traction is Manual Therapy 97140, with the modifier being 59. But hold the phone here. Any chiropractic billing service worth its weight knows from years of experience that it’s a rare payer who will pay based on this code alone.

It must be expressly recorded on the bill and in the treatment notes as having been performed on an area that was not adjusted.

For instance, it is suggested that a chiropractor who bills for 98941 under the diagnosis codes for Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar areas, should actually bill 97140 for diagnosis codes in a different area instead of the three areas adjusted.

A chiropractor can bill for 97140-59 in a different region, i.e., hip, should, foot, etc., instead of Cervical, Thoracic and lumbar regions. This maximizes the chance that a chiropractor will be paid for their services.

A sample of the way manual traction could be billed profitably might look like this (with support from objective clinic determinations):

98941 Diagnoses: 739.3 722.10 739.2 739.1

97140-59 Diagnoses: 739.4 719.45

Professional Chiropractic Billing Service

Manual traction codes, and how to successfully collect for the treatment, is just one example of why teaming up with a professional chiropractic billing service is a wise idea for any chiro practice. Chiropractic billing is all we do, so we know all the ins and outs of how to successfully collect payments for any service. Like we said, this is all we do.

As a chiropractor, you are more worried about treating patients all day – as expected. But since we do nothing but learn and utilize the fine points about billing all day, you can safely say that we are experts. Put your trust and billing needs into the hands of experts who will successfully collect all your claims.

Contact ClinicDr today and you will be getting started on the right track for all of your chiro practice billing needs.

We offer you 30 days free trial – !

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