Integrating Treatment Records, Patient Health Records and Office Billing -

Integrating Treatment Records, Patient Health Records and Office Billing

Ever wonder how you can make your chiropractic practice run more smoothly? Are you having trouble with billing claims errors? Have you been wanting a more efficient way to log patients’ health records or track treatment notes? If you, your staff, or your patients could benefit from changes to how your practice operates, ClinicDr can help. Our software can help improve processes and increase profitability by integrating treatment records, patient health records, and office billing claims all in one place. With our cloud-based billing claims software and patient health records services, you’ll see all the problems you see begin to take a turn for the best!

Streamlined Chiropractic Clinic Management Software

There are several benefits of integrating health records, treatment notes, and billing claims in the same system. If you’ve been using paper billing and a separate system for patients’ records, you’re likely filing paperwork too slowly. By transitioning to paperless billing and patient records, you can make everything that happens in your practice simpler and faster. How? With ClinicDr’s streamlined software, you’ll enjoy billing claims and health records services that work together to make paperwork simple. When you create a new patient health record, a billing claim will automatically be created with the patient’s information. Then, when you input treatment notes in a patient’s health records, those notes will be copied to the corresponding billing claim. This ensure billing claim codes are accurate, taken directly from the information you’ve entered.

All in all, a streamlined approach to records management and billing allows for:

• Faster logging of patients’ records
• Automatic billing claim creation
• Simple input of treatment notes into billing claims, which means fewer billing errors
• Correct billing claims accepted the first time by insurance companies
• Faster payment for increased profitability when patients’ bills are approved by their insurance and paid more quickly
• Paperless records keeping and billing

Benefits of Online Chiropractic Records and Billing

Another benefit of the ClinicDr software is that everything is completely online. That doesn’t just mean it’s paperless. That means your data, including patients’ health records, treatment notes, and billing claims, will be stored in the cloud, not on a computer software. So what does this mean for your practice? It means that you get all of the benefits of an electronic record-keeping system without any of the pitfalls or expenses of physical computer software! With cloud-based chiropractic records and billing, you’ll be able to access patients’ files and billing claims anytime from anywhere with internet.

No Software Expense or  Maintenance

You’ll also avoid the negative aspects of software. You’ll enjoy no software installation fees, no software upgrade fees, no software maintenance, and no data backups! With everything online, you’ll see how integrating treatment records, patient health records, and office billing claims will make your entire practice run smoother! Call us today, ClinicDr can help you!

We offer you 30 Days Free Trial

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Todd Crabtree
Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Founded Clinic Doctor Inc. in 2004, to innovate the providing of insurance billing services to healthcare providers in chiropractic clinics that lacked the resources to pay for qualified billing professionals.

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