Improve your Chiropractic Clinic’s Collections

Working in a chiropractic clinic is not easy. There is a constant pull between helping patients to heal and keeping your practice financially stable. Chiropractic billing is such a hard thing to navigate with insurance alone, but what you don’t hear a lot of clinics discussing is the patient responsibility of payments. If your practice is struggling to collect payments from patients, let Clinic Doctor help. We can help you to get paid while also building trust!

Communication Matters

At Clinic Doctor, we understand the importance of good communication. We know that it takes good communication to facilitate any type of transaction, whether it’s parent to child, doctor to patient, teacher to student, etc. When you work in a chiropractic clinic, you must think of yourselves as a team. Not only should good communication be present with one another, but also the patients. For example, telling them ahead of time what is covered under insurance and what is not will give them a better estimate of if they can pay their bills. If they are struggling to make payments, communicating resources like payment options or payment plans can also help to get you paid. Setting up expectations with communication is a key component to getting paid.


Before you hire a contractor to tear up your home for a remodel, what is the first thing that people ask? Generally, people ask for an estimation of costs. Giving patients an idea based on their insurance verification will undoubtedly get you paid sooner.

Planning For The Unexpected

Your staff should be knowledgeable in dealing with patients that are confused about the chiropractic billing process or are upset about a statement. Talk with each other about different scenarios and the best way that your practice can adequately handle it. If a patient has an unforeseen circumstance and cannot pay their bills, how will your staff deal with the matter? Are there policies or actions that you can take? Informing everyone ahead of time, including the patient, will help prevent any misinterpreted situations.

Clinic Doctor Can Help

Navigating chiropractic billing is not only difficult when you are sending claims into the insurance carrier, but it’s also difficult to work with patients that aren’t covered. At Clinic Doctor, we have a cloud based billing system that has everything in place to handle revenue from all different areas, patient vs. insurance. Not only can we help turn your collection’s process around, we can then accurately measure your performance and rate of collection on a monthly basis.

If you need help improving your chiropractic clinic’s collections, call Clinic Doctor today.

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About the author

Todd Crabtree

Todd Crabtree

Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Founded Clinic Doctor Inc. in 2004, to innovate the providing of insurance billing services to healthcare providers in chiropractic clinics that lacked the resources to pay for qualified billing professionals.

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