How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice During the Pandemic -

How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice During the Pandemic

The vast majority of chiropractic and integrated clinics are remaining open during this pandemic. The Federal government has designated these clinics as essential. Some are experiencing a downturn in patient visits. Is there anything more that these clinics can do? Absolutely! Is it possible to grow your practice during the pandemic? It’s up to you. Your patients and community need you now more than ever.

How can you accomplish a pattern interrupt in your clinic? Think differently. Act differently.


With hospitals and medical clinics restricting elective services, more people are not able to obtain those services through their current caregivers. Get the word out, on the services you can help them with. Spinal pain is the most common complaint medical clinics and hospitals deal with. Be a solution to your community.

There is a high incidence of asymptomatic people who get a nasal swab test indicating that the virus is present. Why are these people not symptomatic? There is a strong correlation between chronic diseases and morbidity with COVID-19. Why is that? Many front line COVID-19 doctors have seen a correlation between patient’s immune system overreacting in the lungs and leading to death.

Chiropractic and integrated clinics have a long history of promoting wellness as a way to be healthier and live longer. Wellness is a journey and not a destination. Even if wellness were a destination, it is a long trip that cannot be completed in a short period of time. The research indicates that it takes approximately a year to move an acute injury to wellness. Telling your patients that you can help protect them from an epicenter viral outbreak now, is not advisable and likely not true. However, getting them on a path to wellness is something you can do now.

Dr James Chestnut in his 2017 book, Live Right for Your Species Type, describes a western world pandemic in 2017 that has nothing to do with a COVID-19 outbreak.  He calls it the “Chronic Illness Pandemic.” He states:

“The Black Plague killed 30 percent of Medieval Europe. The chronic illness pandemic, what I call the Chronic Illness Plague, is killing 80 percent of the modern industrial world.”

Dr Chestnut and thousands of other wellness practitioners espouse simple wellness principles in three main areas:  Eat well, move well and think well. Every day presents each of us the renewed wellness challenge. Today, am I going to eat well? Today, am I going to move well? Today, am I going to think well? After answering yes to those questions nearly every day for year after year, we experience wellness, avoid chronic illnesses and ameliorate current chronic illnesses.


Get the message out to both your patients and your community. Use the ClinicDr CRM. Turning it on only costs about $25/month. The CRM allows you to connect with patients and people in your community. Create flyers to mail. Blast emails and text messages. Track lead interactions and set marketing ticklers.

Encourage patients and community members to download the ClinicDr patient app. Your clinic’s name is prominently branded on the app. The app tracks from their smartphones, move well goals you set (active calories, exercise and distance):

How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice During the Pandemic 1

Encourage health goal contests and participation prizes using the ClinicDr Patient app. People using the app gain points for posting their daily activity levels, posting pictures and testimonials of success and several other clinic engaging activities. You become associated with daily wellness, with or without treatment. You create an environment of accountability and healthy habits.  Everybody prospers.

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