Electronic Health Records for Chiropractic Patients

Go paperless with your chiropractic clinic!! If you are tired of spending more time with your charting and billing than actual patient care, it’s time to use ClinicDr’s electronic health records. ClinicDr offers cloud-based chiro patient records that compliantly creates SOAPs and can create claims in less than 10 seconds.

Go Paperless with your Chiropractic Clinic

Time-consuming and costly – these are some of the many myths that are associated with electronic health records. However, with ClinicDr, that’s just not the case. Our cloud based chiro patient records are an inexpensive alternative that gives added functionality that paper charting could never do. Don’t cut your time short because you have to paper chart! See more patients and feel more in the moment.

Cloud Based Chiro Patient Records

As a provider, it’s important to have adequate time to examine and treat each patient. ClinicDr’s electronic health records are easy to use for charting and dropping charges so that you can spend more time with the actual patient than the aftermath of charting. Our software is built to come with exam charting, treatment notes, instructions and compliance warnings to assist clinicians.

If you choose not to complete a section, it will just be dropped in the final print. Additionally, as some patient diagnoses are the same, some treatment notations can be cloned into a new treatment to eliminate the need for re-entry. Keep it the same…change it…whatever you want to do is completely up to you.

When you think of a cloud based system, what comes to mind? Integration? Communication? If you guessed either of those, you’d be right. We created cloud-based chiro patient records so that no one at the office has to continually do repetitive work. Each treatment note creates a claim that is automatically coupled together with a control number, fax cover sheet, and treatment record.

We make it as easy as possible to see the patient, drop the charges, and bill their insurance. This cuts down on errors, expedited care, and allows for payment to come as fast as possible.

If you are ready to go paperless with your chiropractic clinic, your first step should be to call ClinicDr! We have proven time and time again that electronic health records are a great alternative and can save you lots of time and money. For more information about cloud based chiro patient records, call ClinicDr today.

We offer you 30 days free trial – www.clinicdr.com

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