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Efficient Chiropractic Billing Services

Wouldn’t it be great if a chiro practice could operate like a normal business, wherein you provide a service, you’re paid for that service, and that’s the end of it?

Well, unfortunately, a chiro practice isn’t like that. You must submit bills and wait for countless levels of bureaucracy to approve it, resulting in weeks and months before you are paid for those services. Fortunately, when you partner with ClinicDr, we take those worries out of your hands and completely manage your chiropractic billing process.

The only things you need to worry about are your patients and finding time to get to the bank to cash the new abundance of checks you’ll be receiving.

Simplifying Chiropractic Billing

The secret of ClinicDr is that when you team up with us, each step is of our own design. There’s no need to inquire with third parties because we’ve streamlined the entire process with our unique system. You will have full access to our specially designed software and our team of experts in the insurance field.

Chiropractic Billing Software

Our software is specifically designed for chiropractic billing. You will have full access from any computer or tablet with internet capabilities, and whenever a treatment note is updated or a claim is submitted, it will go directly to us so we can start the collection process.

We handle the entire process so you can sit back instead of spending the little free-time you have reading up on current coding procedures.

Insurance Coding

Speaking of coding, as part of our services, we will teach and update you about the proper coding procedures. Keeping up with all of the different insurance carriers and their unique coding can feel like you’re in over your head, especially when you’re trying to run a chiropractic office, handle staff, and treat patients.

Our team stays up to date with all aspects of insurance coding. And because it’s our full time job, we can simplify it when teaching you the proper methods.

Immediate Customer Service

When you work with ClinicDr, we are always available to answer your questions or concerns. We have live people answer the phone and can walk you through any problems that you have.

You are our main concern. And it does no one any good if we aren’t around to answer your questions whenever they arise.

More Income for Your Chiro Practice

At ClinicDr, we always follow up on unpaid claims. And we get it done. This means that you will always be collecting more when you partner with us. And with more income, you can expand your practice or give your staff a well-deserved raise.

We offer you 30 days free trial – www.clinicdr.com !

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About the author

Todd Crabtree
Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Founded Clinic Doctor Inc. in 2004, to innovate the providing of insurance billing services to healthcare providers in chiropractic clinics that lacked the resources to pay for qualified billing professionals.

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