Code Compliant Chiropractic Billing Service

As a chiropractor, you expect to get paid when submitting claims to the insurance provider, right? Well, receiving payment occurs when the correct coding is submitted. Unfortunately, far too often, chiropractors submit incorrect procedure codes that are either incorrect or non compliant.

Rather than having to spend significant time on a daily basis, leave your chiropractic billing needs to our professionals at ClinicDr. We live and breathe chiropractic billing and are committed to staying on top of all of the rules, regulations and coding changes so that your chiropractic office can remain compliant at all times.

Accurate Coding to Enhance Revenue

With any business, revenue is always important. In order for you and your chiropractic team to continue being able to provide holistic care to patients, revenue must continue to be collected. Year after year, chiropractors across the country leave revenue on the table because of incorrect procedure codes when submitting claims to insurance providers. Chiropractors that handle billing services internally have a higher risk of claim errors and using the incorrect codes.

Our team at ClinicDr stays up to date on all coding changes within chiropractic billing and will do whatever it takes to ensure that your bills get paid accurately. According to the federal government, the average error rate on claims across the country is 83%. This can be devastating for chiropractors of all sizes. Leaving this tough part of the business up to our experts at ClinicDr will not just enhance your revenue, but it will help create a more productive atmosphere around your office.

Error Notifications

Anytime that our cloud based software catches a coding error, your chiropractic office will be notified instantly so that the coding can be corrected in real time, rather than having to wait until the insurance processes and denies the claim. This will reduce coding errors for your practice and help to make sure that your claims are paid in full the first time around, without any errors!

Keeping Up With Compliance

Not only do we make the billing and coding process easier at ClinicDr, but we keep up with the compliance side of billing as well. With rules and regulations around chiropractic coding changing so frequently, we have an entire department dedicated to making sure that the ClinicDr billing software is compliant at all times. This will help take the pressure off of you so that you don’t have to spend so much time keeping up with the billing side of your practice. In turn, time will be freed up that can be spent caring for what is most important, your patients.

If you are looking for a dedicated chiropractic billing team who will ensure that your coding is always compliant, partner with our staff at ClinicDr. To learn more about our code compliant services, give us a call today.

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