Make your cloud chiropractic EHr adapt to you

Designed for you and your documentation goals

  • Medical necessity in a click

  • Over 50 pro templates to choose from

  • Customize your own templates

  • You set the template order and groupings

Compliance detection on the fly

  • Fast and complete 

  • Documentation in seconds

  • Smart Compliance

Integration made easy

  • Your team feels confident ordering services

  • Audit protection built in

  • Eliminate digging through the file to find info

Windows dictation with a click

  • On all of your devices

  • No add on software needed

  • Great accuracy without special mic equipment


Have your patients do their own check in and chief complaint

  • Start the patient visit knowing your patient’s chief complaint

  • Lighten your load with 3 patient kiosks to choose from

  • Include or exclude the patient’s chief in today’s notes with a click

Team treat with unity

  • See real time patient flow and services

  • Keep your patients moving

  • Know when your patients have received all their care


Clinic in your Pocket

  • Untethered from cumbersome IT

  • Finish notes wherever

  • Focused on what the providers do repetitively

  • Walk and document at the same time

IOS dictation in 2 clicks

  • On all you IOS devices

  • Its like talking to Siri

  • Awesome accuracy

  • Understands medical lingo

Cloud chiropractic EHR features your clinic can’t live without

Since our Chiropractic Software is Cloud Based,our solutions work on every major OS, Browser and Mobile device