Streamline good decision making with ClinicDr chiropractic practice management software

Automate  management & tasks

Have us train & help your team on our software

  • Every team member, gets answers now

  • Keep working and navigating while our customer service answers

  • Search our extensive knowledgebase for “how to” information

  • Traditional online training also available (30 days unlimited)

Manage by the numbers, not by personality

  • Slice and dice all your metrics

  • Find reliable information quickly

  • 19 automated reports built on complex algorithms

  • Trust the numbers & trust your decisions

Give your trusted advisors software access

  • Eliminate data gathering by team members

  • Eliminate confusion on how the numbers are calculated

  • Rely on well established benchmarks and algorithms

  • Get better advice

Visually stimulating widgets relay valuable information instantly

  • Data bursts happen just in time

  • Create goals & team unity on benchmarks for success

  • Drill into your team the key clinic benchmarks

Features your clinic cannot live without