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Some of the questions that Chiropractors ask about quite frequently are in regard to HIPAA privacy laws and rules, and what they should and should not do in their clinics.

These questions are always complicated so rather than getting into all of the intricacies of that and the penalties, which can be pretty nasty, let’s go over a few general guidelines.

One of the easiest ways to manage your patient privacy is to imagine that all of the patient’s information is actually your information, and that it contains some stuff that you would rather other people not see.

By imagining that all of your patient files are actually your information that you don’t want getting out, it tends to protect you and your clinic. For example, some clinics have scan-in systems where the patient can simply scan in using a card or something like that.

This is a very efficient system, but if the patient is scanning in and their private information is showing up on a monitor in a room that is not private then you’ve got some real areas for concern. So, think about how those monitors are facing. They need to face away from the general public.

If you follow this rule, even the patient will not be able to see their information on the monitor. If the patient can’t see it then the general public won’t be able to see it. Just be sure that whatever you are using is something that won’t be visible to the public.

Be smart, be kind, think about what your patient would want for their information, and what you would want if it was your information. If you follow this guideline moving forward it will do a great deal to help you maintain patient privacy.

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