Chiropractic Paperless Compliance Billing Software -

Chiropractic Paperless Compliance Billing Software

We’re living in a paperless world, where everyone wants things done faster, easier, and online. That means if your chiropractic clinic hasn’t already gone green, you should be switching to a chiropractic paperless compliance billing software now! With paperless billing, you’ll be doing more than saving tress; you’ll make billing more convenient for your staff and patients. You’ll also have the benefit of making working with insurance companies several times easier! When you consider the benefits of paperless compliance billing, you’ll see that there’s no reason to wait. And when you work with ClinicDr, everything about billing claims will become easier and more profitable.

Easy-To-Use Billing Software for Fewer Billing Errors

Has anyone ever said that filing billing claims is easy? Maybe not… until now. ClinicDr is a chiropractic billing software that’s designed with chiropractors, patients, staff and insurance companies in mind. That means it’s not just easier for you, it’s easier for everyone in the billing process. And the largest benefit of an easy-to-use chiropractic billing software is that there are fewer billing errors! How, exactly? Firstly, because our software integrates easily with our electronic health records services to make sure patient notes translate into the correct billing codes automatically. That means Fewer billing errors and returned billing claims because of incorrect codes! Our billing software is also so intuitive and simply to use, staff can learn to file billing claims quickly. Rather than taking days or weeks to fully understand how the system works, your staff can learn the software in a lunch hour!

Increase Profits with Faster Payment Turnaround

How can new billing claims software increase profitability in your practice? Many practices suffer from too many billing errors, which means returned billing claims that have to be fixed and re-filed. When there are fewer billing errors, insurance companies can accept billing claims the first time. That means patients receive their bills faster, and you receive payments faster. ClinicDr promotes faster payment turnaround and therefore increased profitability by eliminating billing errors that would delay your payments.

Hassle-Free, Cloud-Based Billing Software

In addition to saving time and earning you a greater profit, ClinicDr as has the benefit of being completely online. Though that might not seem so important as increasing profits or ease-of-use, it might actually be the biggest benefit! With online chiropractic billing, you won’t have to pay to install software on your office devices. You won’t have to worry about software maintenance, paying for software updates, or data backups. And no downloaded software means no limit to when and where you can access patients’ billing records! Billing claims are available any time as long as you have an internet connection, which means you’re never too far from your office to help with billing claims! If ClinicDr could improve your practice with paperless chiropractic compliance billing software, call us today.

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About the author

Todd Crabtree
Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Founded Clinic Doctor Inc. in 2004, to innovate the providing of insurance billing services to healthcare providers in chiropractic clinics that lacked the resources to pay for qualified billing professionals.

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