Equip your team with all the tools needed to grow a chiropractic integrative medicine clinic

Your salvation in a nasty post payment audit

  • Single click key medical necessity documentation

  • Designed for provider types (NP, PA, MD, DO, PT,DC)

  • Feel safe knowing you are covered

  • Compliant notes in less than 30 seconds

Help providers properly order services

  • Cover all the services you order

  • Answers the question: “Should I order up this service?”

  • Documents key medical necessity data points

  • Unifies treatment protocols

View real time team treatment

  • Keep the patients moving

  • Know when the patient has had all their services

  • Make modifications on the fly

  • Sync care amongst several providers

Case coordinate before the patient arrives

  • Obtain valuable team input

  • Keep team unity on goals and patient communications

  • Make team treatment plan modifications together

Provides what you need for primary care visits

  • Don’t burden your clinic with primary care overkill

  • Turn primary care patients into integrated patients

Send important patient forms to the patient’s phone

  • Automatically score Oswestry

  • Record the score automatically into the patient’s file

Features your clinic can’t live without

Since our Chiropractic Software is Cloud Based,our solutions work on every major OS, Browser and Mobile device