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Are you ready to take your clinic’s chiropractic integrative medicine software to the next level?

Be sure to not underestimate the challenge of team treating in a chiropractic integrative medicine clinic. Getting everyone on the same page system wide and documenting the medical necessity data points quickly and easily take a robust practice management platform specifically designed for team treatment in a busy and variant environment. 

For many years, chiropractors were experiencing an 80% failure rate, when they tried to integrate.

On our system, you can expect to turn that statistic on it’s head. 80% of our integrated clinics succeed.

One of the most successful integration consulting groups (Advanced Medical Integration) refer many of their members to us.

Keys to integration success- use a chiropractic integrative medicine software. Old chiropractic software just wont cut it.

Integrating your chiropractic integrative medicine clinic can be very rewarding to you and your patients. Having the right practice management platform and partners are critical to success.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

For the research study challenges to integration see:

The patients perspective on integration is enlightening. Patients expected primary care providers to refer them to a CAM provider (chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc) 62% of the time. In reality, primary care providers only made CAM referrals 30% of the time.

A chiropractic integrative medicine clinic using ClinicDr’s chiropractic integrative medicine software gives patients what they expect and want, by eliminating the referral barriers and prejudice. Health is advanced in a convenient single visit setting.

Advanced Medical Integration (AMI) is the leader in helping chiropractic clinics transform into an integrative medicine clinic.

 AMI has walked several hundred chiropractic clinics in 47 states through this process. It takes courage and lots of business acumen to make this transition. We have seen the success rate of making this transition go from an industry norm of 20% to 80% success when the chiropractic clinic teams up with both AMI and ClinicDr’s chiropractic integrative medicine software.

Here are some of  keys to integration success. A full synopsis can be found here:

  • Create a team focused on advancing health
  • Understand that it takes expense and time to succeed
  • Expand your vision of healthcare
  • Make the clinic support your wellness model
  • Become a well rounded change agent of new processes and procedures
  • Tap into marketing tools and establish marketing systems
  • Create clinic teams that move from forming to performing
  • Deliver a stellar service
  • Dominate the healthcare market
  • Expand your toolbox of services
    • Joint Injections
    • Trigger Point Injections
    • Regenerative Medicine
    • Alternatives to opioid pain control
    • Vitamin injections
    • Hormone injections
    •  Weight loss
    • More!
chiropractic integrative medicine software

Regenerative medicine service reimbursement is also rapidly changing. Some payers are beginning to make payments through a prior authorization process. The prior authorization process requires documenting several unique medical necessity data points in the software and easily transmitting that information to the payer. Your integrative medicine software has to be nimble and constantly advancing.

Don’t forget the patient! There are three things every new patient needs to know when they come to your integrative medicine clinic: 

  1. Can this clinic help me?
  2. Can I trust this clinic?
  3. How much will the services cost me out of pocket? 

Trust and communicating patient out of pocket cost before treatment begins,  go hand in hand. 

The best chiropractic integrative medicine software helps the clinic answer these questions after the initial exam and before the patient begins treatment. The software must have a written treatment plan capability. The treatment plan has to be able to calculate deductibles, co-insurance and fee schedules for multiple payers and programs both in and out of network in the clinic’s area. The internal clinic process should get patient commitment to the treatment plan and out of pocket expense payment for the services in the beginning. The gold standard in patient billing statements is to never send the patient a statement! 

How To Bill For Integrative Medicine Services

Making the courageous decision to build an integrative medicine clinic that advances health in your community, requires advanced and complex strategies to getting paid for those services. Many clinics outsource to an integrative medicine billing services company to assist them, but quickly become disappointed in the results. An integrative medicine clinic cannot just dump their collection problems on a billing services company. The integrative medicine clinic must employ the expertise of a billing services company adept at integrative medicine services, but the clinic must also employ strategies and processes within the clinic that vary based on the likelihood of third party reimbursement. 

If you started out as a chiropractic clinic or a traditional medical clinic, the complexity of combining chiropractic, medical and holistic services often overwhelm the clinic’s billing department and the traditional chiropractic or medical software is often not equipped to handle this complexity. Coding and submitting medical claims with 85 data entry points requires high level coding skills. Consider that the Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted an audit proving that 82% of chiropractic claims have errors on them.  Adding both traditional and experimental medical services to a chiropractic billing department with an 82% error rate without substantially changing the billing department systems is a recipe for financial failure.

The challenges do not end there. Most chiropractic clinic software does not include the ability to quickly and efficiently document the medical necessity data points for services that chiropractors cannot do. Moreover claim creation becomes a tedious process if the software does not anticipate your needs to document medical services. For example, if a joint or trigger point is being injected, the provider of that service has to be able to input the NDC number and drug off the bottle into the software. This needs to occur within seconds by the provider and be listed in both the treatment note and on the claim.

Regenerative medicine services are often one of the services offered by integrative medicine clinics. Traditionally, regenerative medicine services are cash services. Many integrative medicine clinics mistakenly assumed that regenerative medicine services did not require as much documentation since there was no 3rd party payer scrutiny. They failed to understand that regenerative medicine services receive a higher level of scrutiny from the providers licensing board because of being experimental and considered an outlier medical service. Documenting these services poorly puts the providers license at risk. The integrative medicine software has to provide extra documentation protection, not less. A paper system takes too much time and often lacks the medical necessity data points supporting the service.