Chiropractic Documentation - Patient In and Out Times -

Chiropractic Documentation – Patient In and Out Times

Generally speaking, it’s recommended that you do NOT document in and out times for chiropractic patients. In and out times are simply records of the time the patient arrived for treatment and the time their treatment was completed.

The reason for this position is two-fold: First, it takes extra time to document in and out times and it doesn’t add any significant value to the patient’s chiropractic visit.

Secondly, if you have timed therapy codes in your chiropractic clinic this can lead to a compliance issue with your chiropractic board. The network, or your state Board, will look at the documented in and out times and compare it with your timed therapy codes to see how much time you spent on the therapies.

Often times you can get “cross ways” there as the timed codes and in-out times may not match.

You can perform a therapy and use the set-up time as part of the therapy time, but it rarely ends up being beneficial, from a chiropractic documentation stand-point, to document in and out times.

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