Efficient communication with Chiropractic CRM

By becoming a great communicator you become a great marketer

Each patient has their own marketing dashboard

  • Identify mavens- and treat them special

  • Impress the patient with how well you know them

  • Identify needs and reactivate care

  • Marketing data accumulates automatically

Build your clinic brand with impressive technologies

  • Reduce barriers for new patients

  • Reduce barriers for inactive patients

  • Make scheduling easier for your team

Engage your patients and community in healthy activities

  • Reward patient and community members movement achievements

  • Get community trust before a patient starts to treat

  • Create a buzz

With a single click establish a birthday greeting to all your active and inactive patients

  • Remind patients that you care about them

  • Build long term patient relationships


Groups of active and inactive patients and prospects can be marketed in seconds

  • Make it easy for them to respond with a simple “Reply”

  • Keep your clinic relevant to your patients and community

Stop procrastinating

  • It’s too easy to message inactive patients

  • Feel the satisfaction of reaching out to people you have not seen in years.

  • We identify the right people for the right message

  • Just create the message and click send


Every page feeds you fresh response to your communications

  • Respond in seconds

  • Build trust and a lifetime patient

  • Any team member can jump in and respond

Marketing features your clinic team and patients can’t live without

Since our Chiropractic Software is Cloud Based,our solutions work on every major OS, Browser and Mobile device