Chiropractic Coding - How should I document timed therapy codes? -

Chiropractic Coding – How should I document timed therapy codes?

There are 2 major ways to document timed therapy codes. One way would be to note to the minute when the timed therapy started and then when it ended.

The other methodology, and the one that I recommend because it takes less time and leads to fewer issues on post payment audit, is to establish as a general rule on how long your timed codes will be, and make them the same for all your patients.

An easy way to do that, by using the rule of 8 or the rule of 23 as some people call it, is to create a rule in your clinic that says, “All timed therapy codes are 15 minutes duration. Unless it’s the last therapy, then it can be as little as 8 minutes, but no less than 8 minutes.”

If you follow that rule, even though it doesn’t follow the rule of 8 exactly on the one therapy, it’s simple to follow and you won’t violate the timed therapy code rules as far as 15 minutes and the one therapy as little as 8.

It’s a really great way to document your timed therapy without doing it individually, and without the extra time and attention it takes to do that individually and the sort of scrutiny you would deal with later on.

So put a rule in your policy manual regarding how you deal with timed codes and make it across the board for all your patients.

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