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Chiropractic Cloud Based Software Features for ClinicDr

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Market, Communicate and Engage Your Patients and Community With The Most Advanced Chiropractic Cloud Based Software:

  • Automatic customized patient appointment reminders.
  • Telemedicine video conferencing (HIPAA compliant).
  • Online new patient forms and appointment scheduling.
  • Provides automatic check ins for patient appointments.
  • Allow patients to see their treatment records and documents.
  • Text, chat and email with your patient through their smart phone and keep a record.
  • Provide a reward system to your patients to encourage engagement with their health.
  • Track your patient’s daily health metrics off of their smart phones (Apple and Android).
  • Allow patients to record their chief complaint for today’s visit through their smart phone.
  • Marketing platform (CRM) for internal patient marketing and external community marketing. Text & email blasting.
  • Allow patients to request appointments from their smart phone & your website, directly to your ClinicDr platform.
  • Easily get pictures and testimonials from the patient smart phone, to post on your website and social media.
  • Give your providers the option to import the patient’s subjective complaints into today’s EHr treatment note.
  • Provide an easy way for the patients to check on their account balance and pay the clinic bill from their smart phone.
  • Automatically send to the patient’s smart phone & on your website: new patient intake forms. Auto saved to the patient file.
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Free Chiropractic Billing Services Are Built Into ClinicDr's Chiropractic Cloud Based Software :

  • ClinicDr creates your insurance claims for you.
  • You can edit insurance claims and create the EDI file you upload to your clearinghouse or print and send.
  • You can create treatment plans that accurately predict the patient's out of pocket expense.
  • All claims are scrubbed using artificial intelligence (AI) searching for errors prior to submission.
  • You can present a patient with their treatment plan for them to sign and agree on financing terms.
  • Having difficulty with accounts receivables and Revenue Cycle Management? We can start chiropractic billing services immediately!
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Pay As You Choose, Chiropractic Billing Services Are Also Available On ClinicDr's Chiropractic Cloud Based Software:

  • ClinicDr works on your billing needs 24/7.
  • ClinicDr meets with you weekly and serves up professional written recommendations to overcome insurance denials.
  • ClinicDr studies your clinic and matches your clinic with a high level, experienced American Account Manager.
  • You decide what chiropractic billing services you want ClinicDr to do.
  • ClinicDr pays for and manages the clearing house for your chiropractic billing services.
  • All clinic insurance payments go directly to your clinic.
  • ClinicDr provides ongoing guidance on medical and chiropractic billing services best practices.
  • ClinicDr provides ongoing software and chiropractic billing services training for staff.
  • ClinicDr only charges you for the billing services performed. You never get charged a percentage of collections.
  • ClinicDr provides an automated Billing Services Center that allows you to make claim and billing service requests 24/7.
  • ClinicDr submits all your claims, enters insurance payments, searches for black holed claims and executes denial management.
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Fast & Compliant Electronic Health Records (EHR/ EMR) for Chiropractors & Medical Professionals (Integrated Clinics) On ClinicDr's Chiropractic Cloud Based Software:

  • Create treatment notes and claims in 10 seconds.
  • Over 50 template/ travel cards to choose from.
  • Team treat efficiently in an integrated clinic.​
  • Templates/ travel cards for DC, PT, NP, PA, DO and MD’s.
  • Have us create professional customized templates for you.
  • Create professional notes that hold up to audits, prove medical necessity and are individualized for each patient.
  • Use your favorite device to document care (iPad, Smartphone- Apple and Android, tablet, touch screen, laptop and tower)