Chiropractic Clinics and Patient Testimonials -

Chiropractic Clinics and Patient Testimonials

Whether or not clinics can use client testimonials in their office depends on the state laws and board rules in their state. It’s very easy to find out what those rules are.

You simply go online to your state board website and look up the rules and laws. You can do a search for “advertising restrictions” or just “advertising” and you should be able to easily find the rules.

Generally speaking, you can include patient testimonials as long as they are truthful and not fantastic such as, “The doctor adjusted me and I went to the moon and back.” That’s not possible and it obviously didn’t happen. So as long as it’s not fantastic, as long as it’s truthful you can generally use patient testimonials.

Just check with your state laws and rules. Certain states will have different rules like; it has to be in writing, or it has to be signed by the patient and in their patient file.

Sometimes you even have to send it in to the state board to have them look at it first. Just a few states do that, but you should still check your rules. Generally speaking you will be able to use patient testimonials.

When you have a patient testimonial, of course you have to comply with HIPAA which means they give you permission for you to use that testimonial, it can be wise while you’re getting that permission under HIPAA to also make sure that patients sign off on any rights to that information or any sort of compensation for giving their patient testimonial or recommendation.

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