Chiropractic Care – Medicare and Medicaid Billing

A question that we are sometimes asked by Chiropractors is, “If a patient has a Medicare primary and Medicaid secondary, is the office required to bill Medicaid for non-covered services, or would the ABN allow the office to bill the services cash?

And if Medicaid was billed for the services and then denied them, can the office bill the patient for those services not covered by Medicare?”

So, to answer this question, whenever you’re dealing with the federal and state government you’re going to have a whole bunch of laws and rules that you have to follow.

So, depending on the state that you’re in, simply follow the rules of your state’s Medicaid. Generally the answer to these questions is going to be, “No. You can’t bill them separately.”

You’re going to have to comply with the rules of Medicaid and most of the time you will have to complete a claim to Medicaid and accept whatever they pay, plus any deductibles or co-insurances that apply.

But generally speaking the answer is no, you have to follow the rules as if you are an in-network provider with the fee schedule.

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