Chiropractic Board Compliance -

Chiropractic Board Compliance

What do you do when a board complaint comes in? Well, it’s best to never have a board complaint occur, but if you’re a busy chiropractor you need to expect one will occur at least once a year. If and when you do have a board complaint, it’s a smart idea to work with a trusted healthcare attorney who really understands the rules of board compliance and will be able to provide you with a good defense.

Given that, it’s a smart idea and it’s really important for you to meet with a good healthcare attorney before you even receive a board complaint. Have this attorney go through your office with you, have them take a look at your treatment records, your billing patterns, anything to that effect.

Then sit down with them and discuss ways that you can improve all of these things so that you are more able to be in compliance with the board and more able to properly defend yourself in the case of a board complaint.

Board Compliance is an issue that you should look at as a journey rather than a destination. You are never going to be 100% compliant so you aren’t ever going to reach the destination of compliance, but you can keep striving for compliance and get closer each day.

Board complaints can be a very scary ordeal, especially if you don’t keep up on your compliance. It’s easy to view the complaint as the darkest day you’ve ever had in your practice, but that isn’t the way that you should view a board complaint. Board complaints are something that you have to expect to happen but you can turn that negative into something very positive.

It’s a chance to look under the hood of your clinic and find out how it operates in regards to compliance and make improvements. These are changes that can be implemented right away and can improve your practice. View this as an opportunity to improve your practice, to make more money, and to be a better doctor for your patients.

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