Chiropractic billing has a new claim form? What do we need to do?

Is your outsourced chiropractic billing service or chiropractic billing software ready for the new claim form?

There is a new version of the CMS 1500 (HCFA) claim form now available, referred to as version 02/12. The form has been accepted since 1/6/14 and will be required for use as of 4/1/14. Payers are currently accepting both claim form versions through 3/31/14.

The new version of the 1500 form will accommodate the electronic claim (837P) changes that were made with the 5010 transition – such as ICD-10 and will remove/reformat fields that are no longer required in the electronic claim.

Other changes include 12 diagnoses per claim form, though only 4 diagnosis pointers per procedure are allowed.

Clinics will need to check with their current Chiropractic billing service or Chiropractic billing software provider to ensure that their current software version is ready for the new claim form and receive any upgrades if necessary.

If doing in-house billing, order the new 02/12 version CMS 1500 forms and use up your existing 08/05 forms.

Practice printing on the new claim forms to make sure that your fields line up properly so adjustments may be made in advance of the 4/1/14 deadline.

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