Chiropractic Billing Codes Modifiers -

Chiropractic Billing Codes Modifiers

Is your chiropractic billing software causing issues with billing? Are you having to resubmit insurance claims multiple times because of poor billing practices? If you’re in need of a chiropractic billing software revamp because of errors with billing, ClinicDr can help! Our online, cloud-based billing software can help you set your billing records straight once and for all, relieving confusion over how your billing software works and making your billing procedures more consistent.

Our billing software helps to make assigning billing codes to patients’ accounts simpler with billing code modifiers, ensuring that you, your patients, and insurance companies can communicate openly and clearly about the services billed during any given visit. If your Minnesota chiropractic practice is in need of new billing software, or if you’re considering updating your software to prevent future billing mistakes, increase productivity at the front desk, and help improve profit margins, ClinicDr is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Chiropractic Billing Codes

The chiropractic billing codes you use can become confusing for patients, nurses and receptionists, and even insurance companies when determining correct payment. Especially when there are several billing codes that could be used to describe a single appointment, it’s crucial for you to be able to differentiate for your patients and insurance companies which services were provided and how much those services should cost. In order to do this more effectively, chiropractic billing code modifiers are essential. They allow you to notate exactly what services were provided to avoid any confusion over coverage or cost of services.

With the ClinicDr billing software, you’ll have the advantage of a software that allows for the use of chiropractic billing code modifiers, making sure that your saved patient profiles and billing summaries are as detailed and accurate as possible. When you’ve made sure that your billing codes are modified, it’s easier for insurance companies to bill patients, and you won’t have to wait for bills to be paid because of poor billing practices or filing multiple claims.

Chiropractic Billing Software with Modified Billing Codes

Whether your chiropractic clinic is suffering from issues with billing efficiency, billing clarity, billing timing, or otherwise, ClinicDr’s online chiropractic billing software can help. With modified chiropractic billing codes, you can be sure that your billing software is as up-to-date as possible and that you, your patients, and insurance companies will not have to put in extra work just to understand a billing claim.

Instead, you’ll be able to provide straight forward billing information after patient care and receive your payment as quickly as possible. To find out how we can help improve your Minnesota chiropractic billing software or practices, contact us!

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Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Founded Clinic Doctor Inc. in 2004, to innovate the providing of insurance billing services to healthcare providers in chiropractic clinics that lacked the resources to pay for qualified billing professionals.

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