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Have you ever wondered how can you ensure that tour chiropractic billing claims produce a high collection rate? If so, you are in the right place.

One of the best ways to ensure that your chiropractic billing claims produce a high collection rate is by using a skilled, cloud-based and compliant billing service that can make your life easier!

Not only will this help to give you a high collection rate, it will do so at a cost that pays for itself.

“Relationships are built upon trust and if you are not feeling that trust where you are then I recommend you call ClinicDr and create a better future for you and your business, we did!”

Brian Dugger

Texas Chiro Health – Chiropractic Billing

As Brian Dugger said, trust is very important in every partnership. Without it, you cannot build an amazing future for your business. With ClinicDr you will have a friend who can help to improve your business. ClinicDr has a lot of experience in this field.

Coding requirements can differ between insurers and there are frequent changes with each third party payer. It can get quite expensive to hire a competent  billing CA and have to send them off for more training just to keep up with all of the changes. Just because a CA is experienced does not necessarily mean that you have a competent billing CA.

Often times the experienced CA has developed bad habits and operated on different chiropractic billing and management software. This situation can cause harm to your company. For preventing this situation, use a cloud based chiropractic billing services company.

For decades, smart chiropractors have recognized the need to outsource their billing to a chiropractic billing services company. In doing so these chiropractors have found some things that they dislike about using a billing services company that is not cloud based.

Here you can find the common main complaints:

  1. Lack of Transparency – Because the clinic is not able to see all the information that the chiropractic billing services company has, this means that the clinic has trouble answering billing questions by patients and payers on the fly. This situation may cause many problems for the chiropractic billing clinic, and in the worst case scenario it is possible to determine the patients to find another clinic which is able to meet their needs.
  2. Low Value – Chiropractic billing services companies tend to be paid on a percentage basis. This means they tend to focus on claims that generate the most revenue for their company and ignore the harder, denied claims or claims with no response.
  3. Unprofessional Claim Handling – Generally a chiropractic billing services company uses another vendor’s software even though that software is meant for a single clinic. The companies also typically rely on mom and pop processes to service clinics. If the company has a disruption with any staff, they must teach the new staff member assigned to the clinic all over again. This often causes changes to how the clinic’s billing is performed, which lowers efficiency and collections.
  4. Not Compliant – Often there are significant discrepancies between the claims submitted by the billing services company and the documentation of that care by the chiropractor. When the chiropractic billing software and the electronic health records (EHr, EMR) are not mirrored in a way that is quick and easy for the chiropractor to document, non-compliance increases.
  5. Clinic Control – It is possible that the clinic can become the slave to the  billing services company and their mom and pop processes and inefficient software. With an inefficient software, you cannot develop your business properly.

You don’t have to worry anymore for this kind of complaints! With cloud based chiropractic  services, all of those complaints can be eliminated for good in your business life!

Outsourcing to the cloud makes your chiropractic billing services smart and this is how most chiropractic billing will be done in the future. The cloud leverages the knowledge and power of the web to make your billing as smart as possible.

Cloud software can connect your clinic to skilled chiropractic billing services and other technologies that are needed, but often disconnected from the practice management software (credit card, text messaging, automated patient intake, patient access to records etc.). In the future the cloud will have many more effective tools that can help chiropractic clinics from the entire World.

ClinicDr has been doing cloud based chiropractic billing services and software longer than any other chiropractic billing services company! Here it is another good reason why to choose us.

We have designed our system to do chiropractic billing services on a large scale with thousands of clinics that work amazing. This thing helps to pass the savings and efficiencies on to our customers.

Since 2004, we have been eliminating the barriers to gold standard chiropractic billing services. Your clinic can achieve gold standard results with minimal effort. We allow our clinics to have complete control and transparency. Having control and transparency in your clinic it is a beneficial thing.

We give our clinics a compliant and highly skilled chiropractic billing services at a price that pays for itself.

We offer you 30 days free trial – !

ClinicDr has a lot of experience in this field. So if you are a chiropractic practice looking to outsource your billing service, call ClinicDr today and let us take the weight and stress off of your shoulders!

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Chiropractic Cloud Solutions

ClinicDr delivers all of their services from the same practice management platform. No matter what level of services you choose from ClinicDr, the practice management platform remains the same. Simply sign up and ClinicDr will meet with you and customize the platform for your specific needs.
As your clinic changes, you can change the level of services you receive from ClinicDr. 74% of our customers choose to have us do billing services for them, which speaks volumes, considering the clinic can turn those services off at any time.v

Do I need a computer to use the ClinicDr practice management platform?

No. We are truly cloud based. All you need is a device with a good internet connection. Many of our clients will use a computer at their front desk with a large monitor. Our providers like to use their favorite devices: iPad’s, tablets, smartphones, laptops and touchscreens.
Our system works well with the common internet browsers: Google Chrome (preferred), Internet Explorer 10,11, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari. You do not need to download any software. You do not need to backup any software. You don’t need to have a server or network in your clinic.
Your clinic’s electricity can shut off and you can still access our system using a cell phone hot spot to a battery powered devices.

Can I try the service free of charge?

Sorry, no. Switching to a new practice management platform requires significant work by ClinicDr and your clinic. 
We can give you access to an example clinic, so that you can test drive the software. Fortunately for you, 92% of our clinics sign up and stay with ClinicDr.

How do I sign up?

Click the Sign Up button online and complete the online enrollment.
Immediately upon sign up you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of our agreement.
Our ClinicDr team will reach out and schedule a customization meeting to conform our system to your scheduling, treatment notes, billing needs, on boarding, individualized training, go live plan and data conversion if requested.

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Todd Crabtree
Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Founded Clinic Doctor Inc. in 2004, to innovate the providing of insurance billing services to healthcare providers in chiropractic clinics that lacked the resources to pay for qualified billing professionals.

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