Chiropractic appointment reminders reduce no shows by 79%

Consider what other automations can do for you and your patients

See patient flow from all pages

  • Feel the flow!

  • Easy navigation to all important patient actions

  • Eliminate task barriers

Respond to patient texts instantly

  • No 2nd vendor text hassles and expense

  • Fast & professional

  • 2 way texts and emails 

Automate and connect your clinic to your website

  • Make it easy for new patients to complete forms

  • customize your own forms or use our pro patient forms

  • Make it easy for patients to get an appointment

Let patients initiate checkins 

and symptom reporting

  • Take the burden off your team

  • Record or ignore symptom reporting

  • 3 types of patient kiosks to choose from

Engage in your patient’s health outside the clinic

  • Set and track health goals

  • Create an atmosphere of health engagement even when a patient is not actively treating

  • Engage community members who are not yet patients

Let your patients market 

your clinic on Social Media

  • Become part of your patient’s digital world

  • Make it easy for a patient to return for care

  • Request 5 star reviews at the high point of care in 2 clicks

Make it easy for patients to schedule

but hard to miss appointments

  • Patient appointment requests in 7 clicks

  • Instant  scheduling for the patient and your team

  • Appointment request from your website and from the patient app

Eliminate patient record requests

  • Allow the patient to see and share their own records instantly

  • Build trust and esteem in your clinic

  • Send forms directly to the patient’s smartphone

  • Send attorneys requested records and documents in 15 seconds

Recive unsolicited patient

credit card payments

  • Documented with a patient signature

  • Recorded automatically

Keep your entire team focused on benchmarks for success

  • Enter people in contests to encourage accountability

  • Reward patients for participating in their health

  • Compliantly enter people in contests fueled by patient app usage

Keep your entire team focused on benchmarks for success

  • Instantly see how you are performing on key metrics

  • Create team accountability and unity

  • Set new patient goals and conversion rates

See important notifications from every page

  • Let nothing fall through the cracks

  • Enjoy an atmosphere of prompt professionalism

  • Exceed patient expectations

Features your clinic and patients can’t live without

Since our Chiropractic Software is Cloud Based,our solutions work on every major OS, Browser and Mobile device