Chiropractic and Advertising Discounts -

Chiropractic and Advertising Discounts

Whether or not you can advertise free exams or discounted services to new patients will of course depend on the state in which you practice.

There is one caveat, if you offer and can offer any free exams, or anything free in your state, by the rules and regulations of your state board, always include a disclaimer.

This will be a Medicare disclaimer that states something to the effect, “Unfortunately we cannot offer this deal to Medicare patients and medical assistance patients due to federal law.” You need this disclaimer, or something similar, that you can put on the advertising because if you did provide those free services to a Medicare or Medicaid patient you would run afoul of the inducement law.

So be sure to check with your state. Now, if you want to be very conservative and know that you are never going to get into any trouble, just don’t ever run any deals. That’s one way to do it. If you’re really intentional and think through your services and the fees that you charge, you can get pretty close to giving some fantastic deals even though you’re simply giving your regular rate.

For example, you could do a level 1 examination for $10. Maybe your level 3 examination is $150. You aren’t quite giving away the examination, but because of the way you’ve designed your fee schedule you can really met the needs of those patients, assuming that all they need is the level 1 exam.

This way you can meet their medical needs and their pocket book needs at the same time.

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