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Tag: Electronic Health Record (EHr)

EHr Made Simple

The Electronic Health Record (EHr) is known in practices all around the country for being time consuming and costly. And, while there is no doubt that the transition from a

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Chiropractic Billing Help WI

As a chiropractor in Wisconsin, patients come to you for help to seek relief from pain of all kinds. You are the expert when it comes to creating holistic chiropractic

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Wisconsin EHr

Lately, we’ve noticed at chiropractic seminars and in-service visits, the lead discussion for chiropractors has steered away from focusing on actual patient care and instead deeply discussing the problems with

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Minnesota EHr

The electronic health record was designed to make the patient visit related paperwork easier for a health care provider. Instead, for many, it can be difficult, time consuming and taking

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Chiropractic EHr Illinois

Are you confident in the security of your chiropractic facilities electronic health records (EHr) that you store internally? If you were to ever be audited, are you confident that your

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Chiropractic EHr MN

It is a common complaint.  Health care providers — and specifically chiropractors — report that they do not have enough time to spend helping their patients.  Electronic health records and

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