Chiropractic Coding for Wellness Treatment or Medically Necessary Treatment

There are two main ways to document the difference between medically necessary care and wellness care. The typical way of doing this is to simply ad a modifier.

Let’s say you’re using a 98940 code. If you put an AT modifier on it, that means its medically necessary care.

If you put a GA modifier on the code, it identifies the treatment as wellness.

Another option effectively used when a patient moves from medically necessary to wellness care is to use an S code. The adjustment code for a wellness adjustment is S8990.

Using a different code such as this, does afford you the opportunity to legitimately adjust your pricing. Another interesting and useful part of an S code is that you don’t have to have just one.

You can create multiple S codes, both in the adjustment and in the therapy category. The S code is a handy methodology to designate the difference between medically necessary adjustments and wellness adjustments.

However, I would recommend utilizing the services of a healthcare attorney before implementing various alternate codes or pricing, in order to ensure you remain compliant with both state and federal laws.

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