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ClinicDr combines chiropractic software, billing services and payments all in one EHR, available anywhere and anytime

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Simply Powerful

Be in the moment with your patient.

ClinicDr is founded on the understanding that chiropractors are bold, courageous people who open a practice in a field they love, but as chiropractors they want to spend their time treating patients—not dealing with unwieldy software that doesn’t connect everything from start to finish.

  • An elegant, comprehensive EHR.

    Streamline your processes with easy to use software that tracks and records everything from the first visit to insurance billing and collecting payment.

  • Advanced, user-friendly technology.

    With our cloud-based technology, you'll be able to access our software anytime, anywhere from any device.

  • Multiple service level options.

    Your chiropractic practices is unique, so our adjustable, affordable, EHR allows you to add or remove clearinghouse services, billing and insurance, and payment collection as needed.

  • Constantly innovating.

    At ClinicDr, we're constantly innovating and use the latest technology to keep your practices running efficiently today and tomorrow.

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All-in-one software for chiropractors

Advanced Chiropractic Software

ClinicDr is the EHR that simplifies the complex. In one place, chiropractors can manage and put to use patient records, keep easy-to-use treatment notes, process clean and effective insurance claims, and collect payment.

Integrated and Customizable

Clearinghouse and Billing Services

ClinicDr’s clearinghouse and billing services take the headache out of billing, reducing the steps it takes to get your practice paid and improving your bottom line. Maximize the benefits of ClinicDr’s EHR with integrated billing services

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Save Time and Money

Integrated Payments

ClinicPay will revolutionize your practice operations, saving your staff time, boosting cash flow, and making the payment experience easy and convenient for patients. This affordable processing service integrates payment and makes it easy for your practice to get paid.

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ClinicDr is the future

As a past president to one chiropractic management company and one chiropractic franchise I have spent my career assisting hundreds upon hundreds of Chiropractors to create their practices into businesses that serves their patients at the highest levels…

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Brian Dugger

Texas Chiro Health

I highly recommend

I would highly recommend ClinicDr for your EMR needs. They have done a great job adding the AMI integration templates to the ClinicDr cloud software system. Todd Crabtree is very knowledgeable and great to work with!

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Coleen Carberry PT

Owner of Advanced Medical Integration

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