Chiropractic Integrative Medicine

All around the United States today, many practices and health care systems are using the term “integrative medicine” like it’s a new phrase that puts them on the forefront of medicine. So our question to you is, do you know what it means to be capable of integrative medicine? At Clinic Doctor, we partner with clinics and help them to build their chiropractic clinics so that they too can provide chiropractic integrative medicine. We aim to enable your practice to see more patients, provide more care, and increase your revenue.

What is Chiropractic Integrative Medicine?

By definition, integrative medicine means that the clinic puts each patient at the center of their focus and addresses all of his needs. This can include physical, emotional, mental, social, and even environmental concerns. When you think of chiropractic care, it’s often referred to as a type of alternative medicine. However, we believe that through natural and holistic healing, patients can receive optimum health and also be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Clinic Doctor, we know and understand these beliefs because our own founders happened to be a group of healthcare experts, including chiropractors. We found that one of the most common problems with providing integrative medicine to our patients was all pointing back to the lack of control we had within our billing and charting. After this realization, Clinic Doctor was created to address the many problems and challenges brought on with chiropractic billing. Ultimately, this allows providers to focus less on finances and more on patient care.

Electronic Health Records

It’s easy to get so caught up in charting and documenting everything correctly and completely that we lose precious time during the day seeing other patients. When Clinic Doctor created a specific electronic health record (EHr) for chiropractors, we wanted to break the stereotypes that the EHr was going to be time consuming. We’ve all heard of the horror stories that picture a clinician turning his back on a patient and charting instead of doing a full examination. That’s absolutely not what we would ever want! Instead, we want it to aid the providers so that they can deliver integrative medicine with fast and easy tools. We made our EHr system so easy that you can complete the exam and write up a notation note in seconds. Every treatment note will contain instructions and compliance warnings to help keep you within the guidelines, ensuring that your note is done to completeness. Our treatment notes can also be cloned into new treatment notes so that no one wastes time re-entering unchanged values. Best of all, as you are typing your treatment notes, claims are automatically being created. When you send your notes, our billing service will automatically attach them to a claim.

Chiropractic Billing Services

Having a smooth billing service within your chiropractic practice is essential in providing integrative medicine to your patients. The fact that your notation is automatically creating a claim for your billing can cut hours off of your day looking up ICD-10 codes and comparing your notes with the requirements of insurance claims. While a large portion of our billing services are used to help chiropractors cut down on time wasted, that is not the only benefit. Clinic Doctor is well known for reducing errors that are commonly made within chiropractic clinics. Our federal government once estimated that 83% of claims are submitted with errors. Imagine all of the bills unpaid and the practices that are delayed due to claim errors. Now imagine how efficiently your office would run if claims were sent out fast and correct every single time! This is the beauty of our chiropractic billing services. By outsourcing your billing services and letting go of the frustrations in claim errors, you are letting yourself focus on patients and their wellbeing. You are providing integrative medicine to patients that are most desperately searching for care. Clinic Doctor handles every aspect of claim submission from start to finish. We perform claim creation, claim tracking, denial management, verifications, resubmissions, etc. Our team of experts all have advanced degrees and experience with millions of different claims in the past.

Getting Started With Chiropractic Integrative Medicine

So how do you get started and become a practice that provides chiropractic integrative medicine? Getting your office financially on track should be your first order of business. Contrary to popular belief, this is not hard and not as costly as people think. There are no computer or software purchase costs with Clinic Doctor. There also aren’t any hidden expenses or maintenance and upgrade costs that you have to worry about. In fact, startup only requires an internet connection and your preferred internet connected device. Some providers work with ipads and tablets, while others prefer their stationary computers or laptops that can be moved around. Regardless, anyone can learn this easy and effective system. In fact, all it takes is a quick lunch hour to get your practice up and running.

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