Chiropractic Integrated Practice

Do you feel like your chiropractic office is choppy? So many different offices have divided branches or sections in order to run their practice. At Clinic Doctor our question to you is, does that really work? When you have a billing side that has no knowledge or awareness of your clinic side, who becomes the liaison? Who is the person that translates clinic notes into claims? More often than not, that job falls on the provider. The provider, the clinician, and the chiropractic doctor who also becomes the main billing coordinator. In today’s medical billing world, that just doesn’t make any sense. At Clinic Doctor, we offer a system that makes your office a chiropractic integrated practice that runs more efficiently and alleviates the heavy burden that falls on the providers. We put our focus into creating an integrated system so that chiropractors can put more focus into caring for their patients.

Seamless EHr & Billing System

Clinic Doctor is a cloud-based system that integrates both electronic health records (EHr) and billing services into one seamless practice. Created by a group of healthcare experts, our team sought out the trouble areas within chiropractic clinics and created resolutions of common problems and challenges. Chiropractors and compliance experts teamed up to provide chiropractic clinics with proper tools to reduce billing errors and create a thriving, integrated practice. Our services include:

All of these aspects within Clinic Doctor are tools and resources that your office can use to create a seamless, integrated practice.

Chiropractic Integrated EHr

Whether you are currently using paper or your present EHr system just isn’t working for you, Clinic Doctor’s EHr is specifically made for chiropractic clinics. Tailored just for you, it’s easy to learn and takes most clinicians one lunch hour to get it up and running. While the ease and simplicity of the system is nice, it’s the other perks that really get providers excited. One of the largest problems with chiropractic billing is the ever-changing compliance guidelines that have to be included within the treatment notations. This is one reason why many claims are eventually delayed or denied. Clinic Doctor makes it very simple. As you are typing up your treatment note, compliance warnings are flagged to assist you. This is done by our experts who are constantly researching and updating our system to ensure everything is up to date. Additionally, as you are typing your note you are also completing your claim. That’s right, through our integrated software, claims are automatically dropped when you complete your notation. There’s no questions to ask, no need for verification from one branch of the office to the other. It’s just that simple. Clinic Doctor can help your provider go from treatment to claim in just 10 seconds!

Chiropractic Integrated Billing Services

Working seamlessly with your EHr, all of our billing services aim to reduce your errors and increase your profitability. We handle every portion of your claim from start to finish. Using your EHr system, we facilitate every portion of the claim to make sure that it is completed. Our goal is to reduce your workload and increase your efficiency within the practice. We can handle all of the following claim items:

  • Claim creation
  • Clearinghouse submissions
  • Paper claims printing and mailing
  • Claim tracking
  • Denial management
  • Insurance verification
  • Enrollment for claim submission (EDI, EFT, ERA)
  • Re-submissions
  • EOB entry and patient responsibility management

Outsourcing Chiropractic Billing Services

If you’ve never considered completely outsourcing your billing services, this may be the perfect opportunity now. Complete outsourcing is not a requirement for Clinic Doctor but it does provide you with multiple perks, including an increase in revenue. You decide the amount of impact and services you’d like Clinic Doctor to be a part of and we will deliver. Additionally, it has never been so inexpensive to have outside experts come in and handle your billing. Our fees are not based on percentages, we simply want your practice to run seamlessly! Clinic Doctor offers a low based fee with small fees for some manual processes. Two-thirds of our fees are optional and can immediately be discontinued or turned off if a clinic chooses. When you outsource your billing, you are getting experienced professionals that have advanced degrees and a vast amount of knowledge in regards to chiropractic claims and other billing services. Every week, your billing service department will have a team meeting, should you desire it, and will always be there for immediate access in case of emergencies.

Getting Started – Chiropractic Integrated Practice

A large portion of clients we have served in the past have always talked about how nerve wracking it can be to switch to a new system. They then speak about how easy a transition it was to switch to Clinic Doctor’s system. There are not computer or software purchase costs and no hidden expenses. All you need is a good internet connection and your preferred device. When we implement your new system, we quickly convert your data, train your employees, and begin claims creation as quickly as possible so that we can minimize any frustrations during the transition period.

For more information about Clinic Doctor and creating a chiropractic integrated practice in your own clinic, contact us today at 651-351-2899 or send us an email at